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Im heading to work now but...

Thers been a 300ZX on the side of the road for sale for bout a month or so, not sure why anyone hasn't jumped on it. But its selling for $5000 and the retail says its worth $6000. The seller didn't put any other info that i saw, but would you say thats a good deal? I dont even know what year it is, im gonna go look at it more comming home from work. So what u guys think, the 300ZX is my dream tuner car, is it a good deal?

posted by  Stem

Coz it wouldn't be worth that much if somebody jumped on it...

In good 'ol Cliffy fashion, I'll move this thread to the correct place...

posted by  Cliffy

N/A Auto with 6 figure miles maybe? Another potential VG30 member. tight.

posted by  VG30DE

...gone :( :doh:
shittay, i was driving to work and wasn't their no more, turned out it was the TT, OOf i blew it

posted by  Stem

A TT for $5000....HAH something was wrong with it.

Unless it was a Z31 300ZX turbo. $5000 would of been a good deal for one of those if it had low miles.

posted by  thunderbird1100

NOPE IT JUST POPPED BACK UP ON THE GRID, a dealship just bought it from the guy who was selling it, its on the other side of the road now, gonna check it out soon. but if its being sold by a dealership nothing major can be wrong with it.,...

posted by  Stem

We wish that were true when we bought our new '00 Town and Country from a Chrysler dealership...

posted by  thunderbird1100

:orglaugh: :orglaugh:

Funny. Dealers will **** you over every chance they get

posted by  Oomba

yup. dealers are the craftiest sobs out there when it comes to hiding problems. and they overcharge. take what that guy was asking (5000) and add one or two grand to that and thats what the dealership is gonna sell it for. for like 6-7 gs and the dealer probably only payed like 4500 for it. they always do shit like that. give you a shitty value when you sell/trade in to them then they turn around and up the price like 2 gs and sell it.

posted by  72firebird

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