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my original 280zx, 173,766 miles(all original) this car started the Import tuners, funny a Brit wiv a Nissan, although I have kept it unmolested hence far, I wish to "modernize it" thought this would be the place to go(being i was sent here from other forums)you guys are known to know your stuff!!
here's a rear shot, my comp is arsed out and slow as ever. here goes

posted by  nissan350ZZZ

two suggestions i have for you.

RB26DETT from a BNCR33 with the box and all piping and ecu blah blah blah.

or a VQ30DETT from a Nissan Gloria/Cima mainly because they can be turned into perfect drift/touring engine.

the gearbox from a VQ30DETT is usually fairly reliable, but you'd want to be putting some high quality sychronised cams into it.

either way, i suggest you get some heavy duty coil-overs for it if you go a heavier engine, (front suspension only), rear wise i'd go with some softer suspension so that you wont run the risk of sliding all over the place with such a higher powered engine in such a lighter car.

anyway, it all really depends on what you want to use the car for? drifting? drag racing? street? show? time attack? track days? tourneys? what is the main purpose of the vehicle?

posted by  HyundaGuy

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