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when you get into a street race, do you perfer windows up, less drag, or down, negitive vaccume presure?

posted by  nissan350ZZZ

When Billy maxed his Tiburon.. he had the windows up, he adjusted to sunroof at an angle but closed the inside panel so no air would come in the car.. So I'm assuming UP.

posted by  SyntheticTrust

Okay peanut, don't you think some DRAG will happen with the windows down?


posted by  99integra

I street drag at lights some times :oops: . Well when a ricer guy gets up next to u and rev theyre motor its kind of a reflex to rev back. I dont like import cars to begin with so winning a street drag race against a ricer is a very good accomplishment. I am not advocating it though. The tickets are around 50$ for every 10 miles over the speed limit and it raises your insurence. And to point out the fact that im 17 my insurence is already high enough.I hope that makes my statement better :laughing: .Oh and no offence to import guys its just i dont like induced horse power....pure muscle :thumbs: .

posted by  sandlercd_22

well i tested it out for you to give you my professional feedback :thumbs: . lol alright first run was with the windows down. and my 87 sotck honda accord would only top out at 200 mph. :doh: but when i rolled the windows up i just flew and got it up to 220 no problem man :thumbs: put your windows up and itly give you extra boost. :banghead:

posted by  72firebird

That is funny and not at the same time :ticking:

posted by  99integra

yea the point is on the street windows up/down doesnt make any difference. the car doesnt have tons of drag at 60 mph to begin with. i mean there is but not enough to make a difference. and i know i might need to bitch slap myself for that last post. but the only way to answer a stupid question is with an equally stupid response

posted by  72firebird

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