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could someone please tell me what engines would fit in place of my original one, I think Its time to upgrade

posted by  nissan350ZZZ

You can swap alot of things in there. For gutsy HP and monster torque, the Small Block Chevy 350 is a force to be reckoned with and you can still keep a good weight balance. Pushrod motors are skinnier so they won't have as much of a problem fitting width wise too much like DOHC V-6's and V-8's. You could go for Skyline power with the Racing Bred (RB) family. The RB25DET and RB26DETT are both really great engines for high horsepower and they are both |6's which will probably make for a good fit with the Z's long hood. These engines are very expensive, especially the 2.6. The last one I would consider would be the SR20DET. All I have to say is powerful, moddable, and bulletproof. Make sure you get a RWD SR20, because the FWD version would need some different parts to fit correctly. The 350 will probably be the cheapest in the hp/$ ratio and by far the best for low end power. Having said all of this, I have no idea how to go about doing any of the work myself. GL :thumbs: .

posted by  VG30DE

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