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I was hoping to lower my times into the 18's i'm running 19.32, I know, its wicked fast for a 280zx, but I've kept her in great shape, any modds I can do for this goal?

posted by  nissan350ZZZ

lol yay 19 sec 1/4 miles your the bomb diggity :thumbs: . lol im just playing atleast your responsible and going to a strip. but i cant remember if the 280 is a rwd or fwd. if its a rwd get a locking differential and it should drop your times close to a seccond. other than that just keep shaving weight, finding ways to hook up (launch, get traction) better. and add hp bit by bit and work on shifting and rts and just keep going at it. practice makes perfect. even if you dont mod it if you practice youll start shaving 1/10ths of secconds off

posted by  72firebird

Woo someones got some modding to do

posted by  Oomba

ALL Z's came RWD stock. werd.

posted by  VG30DE

I think a limited slip differential would be better all around, but I guess if your diff can be locked and unlocked like a 4x4, and you are serious enough about just drag racing then go for it.

posted by  VG30DE

yea there are better choices than a straight locker. the tru trec system uses clutches to lock it under hard accelaration but still allows the outer wheel to turn faster in a turn. the only down side is that turning from a stop the inner wheel will chirp trying to catch up with the outer wheel. but other than that its a good all around system. i just said locker cause he was talking about 1/4 mile runs. but yea a limited slip of some sort would be the best if you still plan to street the car

posted by  72firebird

and thanks for clearing up the rwd thing. im not too big on imports and dont remember facts like that like i do for muscle cars.

posted by  72firebird

You don't have to remember facts like that for muscle cars. They all send the power to the correct place :thumbs: (like all my favorite cars).

posted by  VG30DE

no i mean i remember more than if its fwd or rwd. but imports kinda just dont catch my attention that much regardless of if it has a v8 in it or if its rwd. ive just always been more fasinated (sp?) with muscle cars than i have with imports. but yea if your talking about sending the power to the correct place (as in rwd) then i deffinatly have to agree. fwd and awd is cool and all. but rwd is the drive train capable of doing wheelies down the track :mrgreen:

posted by  72firebird

don't even bother modding the stock motor. You'll never get the performance you want. Best bet is to find a good SR20DET. You can find a good Red top (220HP) for 2500 or so and a good Black top (240HP) for 3500 hundred. The swap is a 2 to 3 day process for a good shop.

posted by  Boostjunky

And in case your wondering you'd be in the mid 14s with the black top.

posted by  Boostjunky

i would hope he would be in the mid 14's with a red top....240's usually run in the mid to low 14's i've seen it quite a few times myself might weigh a little more(not sure though) but it should be well capable of a 14 second pass....depending on driver(big factor)

posted by  black_plague

The 280 weighs more than the 240, and has less hp. I believe the 240 is 2300lbs. and 150 horses, while the 280 is 2800lbs and 135 horses.

posted by  Vlad

Engine, suspension, drivetrain.

With times like that, I would think changing from points to electronic might make a tangeable difference.

posted by  Wally

Wow, thats sad.

Well, lets start with getting some more air into that old girl. Start with an intake, then move to headers and an exhaust system.

Nopi (
Im sure youll find almost all your needs there.

posted by  SlipKnoT

i wouldn't go SR20DET, i'd go either RB20DET or VG/VQ30DETT.

6 cyl's are better then I4's for drag racing.

posted by  HyundaGuy

And way more time consuming and Expensive. A VQ will also take some fabrication to install. RB also throws off the weight balance a good bit, but the way to go for maximum power, if your not on a tight budget.

posted by  Boostjunky

most of the 280's and 240's around this area have RB20DET/RB26DETT replacements.

there's a 240Z in a SummerNats mag i read ages ago and it had a 380hp VQ30DETT in it, thus the reason i suggested it.

posted by  HyundaGuy

Didn't say they were bad ideas. Only good ones if you have the money and time to get either one installed.

posted by  Boostjunky

how the hell is an RB |6 going to throw off the weight balance on a car made for an |6 of about the same size? Also you need short, wide, and sticky tires on short wide wheels in the back. Unless you are topping out in top gear at the end of your epicly long pass. Also what years were the RB20DET used and which years were the RB25DET used? Did they do a switchover on a certain year/gen of the GT-S?

posted by  VG30DE

quite a few of the RB20DET's used in the 280/240's that i see are from the 1991 HCR32.

the RB25DET's that i referred to are from the ER34, not the ER33.

when it comes to drag racing, there is no replacement for displacement, also, throwing the weight of the car off isn't something that an all alloy engine like the RB would do, much rather then far-king up the weight balance, it'd make it better, mainly because the older engines used were cast iron block and usually cast iron head too.

Also, just so you know, the R32 came with a number of different engines, (RB20DET, RB20DE, RB20E and CA18DE)

don't believe me? go do some research.

posted by  HyundaGuy

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