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I drive cars with the steering wheel on the left, but I want to know how the cars with right hand drive is configured. For example, how are the pedals on the ground rearranged, and how to shift. Just wondering since I never seen a right hand drive car before.

posted by  drifterv_2000

Pedals are arranged in the same manner as they are in the cars you're used to, with the gas on the right. Shift patterns are identical, it's just as though (to you) you're shifting from the passenger side.

posted by  ChrisV

Thanks for the info, but are they legal in the US or is it frowned upon?

posted by  drifterv_2000

The only difference between the two is the turn signal clicker thing is on the other side of the wheel.

And its perfectly legal. If it wasnt, postal workers wouldnt use them in their mailtrucks!

posted by  Oomba

Yup, it's legal. It's just hard to get used to and in some cases much more dangerous to use (like trying to see around someone for passing).

posted by  ChrisV

I thought it might be illegal since you are driving on the right hand side of the car, and on the right side of the road.

posted by  drifterv_2000

Yea think of drive thru's like McDonald's and drive up pharmacies and ATM's. You would be on the wrong side

The only thing that could look forward to is going to Checker's/Rally's. They server on both sides. I think at least Checker's does...I assume Rally's is the same.

posted by  NISSANSPDR

Yeah we have a Rally's near here thats like that. Kinda pointless if you ask me.

I want a right hand drive car, I think I'd be cool like that. Girls on the sidewalk, dont even have to lean over. "Hey ladies.."

posted by  Oomba

you're a laugh, lmao!!

here in aus right hand drive is easier for me considering i'm right handed, i can steer the wheel faster when drifting/racing (on a track) when shifting.

posted by  HyundaGuy

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