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I've been looking over two cars.

Mazda Protege 97' and now a Nissan Sentra GXE 98'.

Both have the same mileage, give or take. (89k)

Which one would be a better gamble?

posted by  Paranoia

Either one. Pick the car YOU like the best. WE don't have to live with it, and ANY used car is a gamble.

posted by  ChrisV

'ANY used car is a gamble.' -- too true.

Was just wondering which one is considered more reliable. Where the faults are, what could be potential problems with the model. Things like that.

posted by  Paranoia

I hate to say this, as brand loyalists will all have their own answers, but the simple truth is, it really doesn't matter what their respective records are in relation to each other, as both are fairly late model modern Japanese cars. They are about equally likely to have any number of minor things go wrong, nothing go wrong, or major failures. At this level, it's a serious truth that you buy whichever one you like better, that fits you better, that pushes your buttons.

Look at the car in my sig. A Fiat, and an old one at that. I'd rather have it than either car you're looking at, and the fact is, it has had less go wrong with it than many later model cars (one rear caliper tends to drag). So what did the common sense reliability ratings tell me about it? Nothing.

We could go into minutae of each model and say, well, the Mazda will be slightly more relaible, and you'll buy it, and the transmission might go out the following week, and then where would the reliability ratings be? Or we might say the Nissan is slightly more reliable, and when you get it, there's a constant small rattle, and the car drives funny and you hate it.

posted by  ChrisV

I know what you're saying. I guess there really isn't an answer to my question, because it all depends on what the cars wants to do. Then again, anything could go wrong with any car @ any given time. Life's a gamble, and I guess I can only gamble on used cars as well. I really hate taking chances, but it's about the only thing to do anymore.

I understand completely where you're coming from. I would love to have an older car, but it would probably have to have work done to it to make it run correctly and I have no knowledge of something like that. If I was good with cars, I probably wouldn't have so much time on my hands and would have a project every once and a while. Unfortunately, I have no knowledge about the matter so I guess I can only do the best I can.

But who's to say anything is going to go wrong for a while. It's hard to judge some of the time. I just hope the decision I make will be the right one.

I feel so helpless when it comes to cars.

posted by  Paranoia

lol.. hard decision for someone like myself, i like both Mazda and Nissan, i'd probably lean more towards the Nissan though, i just prefer their engines and gearboxes.

posted by  HyundaGuy

Alright, thanks for the :2cents:. Seemed like a well kept car. (but not like that hasn't thrown someone off before.) I hope this gamble that I make in the next feel days rolls around with a good out come.

posted by  Paranoia

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