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hi looking to get a 93 rx-7 but would like ot know the gas milage before i purchase!! how many miles do u get to the gallon? thanks inm advance

posted by  Twister1616

17 in city, 25 on highway

posted by  Oomba

i'm guessin' that you've been asked before?

posted by  HyundaGuy

nah prob just did the easy 5 sec. search :laughing: this doesn't even deserve a thread.

posted by  Accord_Man

Cars.com research

posted by  Oomba

I don't think they even do THAT much mpg.
mate of mine had an old version 5 rx-7 and he was going through the gas twice as fast as me in my 300klm/tank subaru.
He ended up paying me to pick him up for work rather than pay his gas each week.

posted by  relicensed

7's eat gas. The online stats of 17 city is a joke....

posted by  Low Impedance

I get decent mileage on mine...id say 15mpg city on the norm. Dunno about highway.

posted by  importluva

Holy crap, I get 15-17 city in my fullsize pickup.

posted by  Bino

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