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I was just owndering if any one has the 2004 Alpine Type R's. How do they sound? They are 12'.

posted by  ciVicman

Wow 12 feet!

posted by  Oomba


posted by  Nissan_Altima

Personally I was never impressed with the Type-R until the 05 model...more power handling, better design, better SQ and best of gets way louder. I just did an install with a single 05 12" Type-R in a ~1cu-ft (large box for a type-r) sealed box. Put a refurb. Viper D600.1 sending 420-450rms to it and its one of the best subwoofers I've ever heard that's under $200. Gets extremely loud (Especially down low with such a big sealed box) and the SQ is amazing in it. Good thing is it didnt cost much at all...

Box - $15 (Built it ourselves from 3/4" MDF)
12" '05 Type-R - $105
Viper D600.1 - $122
eFx 4ga wiring kit - $40

Total for some bump - $282

Not bad eh? Blows away those stupid $300-$350 Rockford Punch Stage 3's they sell in boxes at Best Buy.

posted by  thunderbird1100

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