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I'm lookin' to buy my first car, and I've got about $1500 saved up so far. My Dad's willing to put in about $2000, which is good. Currently, I'm set towards buying a CRX Si, seeing as they're reliable (?), and are pretty speedy. I'd like a VTEC DOHC, but I know those are hard to find nowadays. I live in the Los Angeles area, by the way. All I know so far is that; one: it absolutely has to have low miles on it unless there was an engine swap, two: if it did have an engine swap, it must have been done by an experienced technician or professional, and three: needs to be atleast an Si, because the HFs and DXs seem underpowered. Am I correct with all this so far? It's not like I'm gonna turn this thing into a racer, I just want a fun car to drive around. :)
I've pretty much only looked at Hondas, because my Dad says they're the most reliable. Any suggestions on things to watch out for when buying, or basically any other car i should look into?


posted by  odds

Well stay away from the General Motors Quad 4 engine :laughing:

But as far as Hondas go, a CRX is a great choice. However, people like to put crazy prices on them now days because of the import tuner scene. So it would be hard to find one for $3,000. Three grand is actually probably more the price range for a CRX HF or DX sadly. An Si will run you $5,000 and above! :banghead:

posted by  SlipKnoT

Actually, we've been looking in AutoTrader and Recycler and have been finding nice Si's for under $2000.

posted by  odds

well done on that, enjoy your time with a CRX Si, they're great fun to drive :) i'd know, my mate dave had one as his first car for about six months and then upgraded to an R32 GTS-t.

anyway, if you can find one then i'd highly recommend that you take it, they honestly are a great car to own and drive daily, especially a manual (that's all they come in i think?).

keep your eye out for one, i'm sure you'll find one for a good price eventually.

posted by  HyundaGuy

Thanks HyundaGuy, we're still looking for the best deal. :)
Lots of people swap some odd engines into 'em; I find it pretty funny. Yesterday, I saw a CRX on eBay with an Integra VTEC 1.8L engine in it. Damn, and it was only $2500. I don't want a race car, though, so I didn't bid.
Are there any other cars I should be considering that are like the CRX?

posted by  odds

first up, a CRX with a B18C is a ****ing nasty deal, you should of taken it and sold it for a shyt load more!

second up, CRX's have had the whole K20C swap in from the DC5 integra/RSX which do some crazy things to it, like making it fast as **** :D

third up, depending on what you want, EXACTLY what you want, depends on the vehicles that can be recommened.

Example: Forced Induction or N/A?, what type of drivetrain (FWD, RWD, MR, AWD etc...), Handling or straight line? acceleration or top speed?

you want a decent car for every day usage, then i'd suggest a Honda Civic CXi, they're bloody good cars for first time users, great on fuel economy and fun to drive.

also, Hyundai Excel's are great for everything that i've suggested on the Civic CXi.

depending on what you want a car for, what type of car you want and/or what you intend to do with it performance/cosmetic's wise, depends on what we can give to offer.

posted by  HyundaGuy

Well, it's obviously not going to be a racecar, so I don't need a crazy B18C. With the Civic CXi, around how much do those cost? And, do they look sweet? :)

posted by  odds

IMO, the CRX is ugly, but light as ****!!! Thier untouchable with the right setup. The CXI looks like the JDM EK9. Pretty sweet, but I'm not sure if you can find one within your price range. You could always find an EG-6 for $3500. I personally havent seen an EK9 for under $5000.

posted by  elchango36

Try looking into some older Volkswagen Golf GTIs :hi: Or possibly a Ford Focus ZX3? That might be a little out of your range though.
How can you resist that? :drool:

posted by  SlipKnoT

Like this...
/buy CRX Si

posted by  odds

I don't know what price ranges on the west coast are but on the east coast you can easily find and early to mid 90's Civic or Accord

posted by  GonnaDie4TheGov

Hey! My first car was a '95 Grand Am with the last year of the Quad 4 and I loved that car. Never gave me any trouble while I drove it (from 60k-75k at around 7/9 years old). I miss it. We sold it when my mom got her newer Miata. The green metallic paint was still beautifully shiny after 10 years. It did start giving us trouble though around 80k but before that there was virtually no maintenence needed (gas, oil, batteries,tires and A/C once). What's so great about Zetec? j/k.

posted by  VG30DE

See, it started giving you trouble around 80k :laughing: Dont dis the ZeTec. That little engine is very reliable, very quick, and somewhat easy to make run low 13s to mid 12s in the quarter mile. :thumbs:

posted by  SlipKnoT

for a decent first car, i'd suggest a Mazda 323 Familia, either a GT, GT-X or GT-R, obviously they're all different models, GT = non turbo, 140hp, GT-X = turbo, 180hp, GT-R = larger turbo and fmic, 207hp.

also, a '84 Nissan Pulsar ET Turbo is a great choice, even though they've only got a SOHC E15ET engine, they're still capable of 200kw or so, since they're so light, 200kw in a car like that would make it a street demon. stock i believe they've got 97kw (around 130hp) and they can be upgraded easily (universal fmic, exhaust, intake) to take them to about 150hp... then just raise the boost 5lbs and watch her fly! :D

posted by  HyundaGuy

stay away from hondas

posted by  ferrariman666


posted by  elchango36

when he was 10 he was mallested by a man that owned a honda, it's scarred him for life.

posted by  HyundaGuy

MOTHER ****ER :mrgreen:

posted by  JDMprelude92

handles like a mother ****er? not sure if i'm familiar with that term.... anyway, i would seriously suggest a FWD/AWD type of car for your first, they handle excellently.

RWD's are a fun factor, in my personal opinion, RWD's are excellent to be a moron in, FWD's and AWD's are just fun for street racing and circuit racing... oh.. and everyday use.

Honda's, Mazda's, Nissan's, Toyota's, Suzuki's, Daihatsu's, Subaru's, Mitsubishi's, Daewoo's, Hyundai's = excellent cars to use as first car's.

posted by  HyundaGuy

VTEC model pushes out 150hp at uber high revs. Prices unlike the AE86 are very cheap so it's a good base to start from and its light as well.

posted by  fudge

Most of those we don't get here in the US (or the few that we did have long since gone to dust). We got the 323 GTX, in one flavor, and they are hard to come by as there were only 1500 of them imported from '88-89, and they got used heavily for SCCA pro Rallye.

It's much simpler to stick with the CRX. I had an '86 Si, which was still the first gen. Fun, agile, and economical if you get one in good shape (and expensive to repair if you don't). The '88-91s are easier to find, but tend to be more expensive (though a co-worker recently bought a CRX for $300, it took $1000 to get it to pass inspection)

They make such great dual purpose autocross/daily driver cars...

Another nice alternative, though even harder to find on the east coast, the A1 Scirocco. I absolutely love these cars, and they have a lot of potential...

posted by  ChrisV

"buy a hyundai excel"................ wow hyundai guy, u really must love hyundais a lot in order to tell someone to buy an excel and call it a fun and good car......

posted by  Inygknok

arnt the 89 CRX's alot lighter than the others? correct me if im wronge

posted by  Mx3Kid

The '88-91s were all the same cars, adn IIRC, they are slighlty heavier than the '84-87 versions, though different trim levels could overlap.

posted by  ChrisV

wow, you're one sarcastic sun of a gun! go ahead, tell him to go buy a fuel eater like that supra of yours! :D

posted by  HyundaGuy

yeah the hf's are slow but remeber they are also geared for the highway. My buddy had one it used to be his daily drive and when he took it out to the track it was in 2nd gear doing 80mph

posted by  mx3_monster

If you dont want a car thats underpowered why are you getting a car from America's Honda brand? :screwy:

Actually, he told me that story. But in the real version, he outran the Honda owner with his bike

posted by  Oomba

mine sounds better.

posted by  HyundaGuy

Because their engines like the VTECs has a good design for low rpm drivability as well as high top end power. Also you can turbocharged them to good effect.

posted by  fudge

wow, i goto vacation and come back to find all this helpful information.
unfortunately, there are hardly any reasonable crx's here anymore. because i need the car pretty soon, i'm looking more into civic si's, integras, and eclipses. of course, they still need to run around $3500 or lower. any ideas or things i should steer clear from?
thanks again :)

posted by  odds

don't take Oomba's advice.

posted by  HyundaGuy

Good advice! Now Odds, I dont know about where you live, but in Chicago I've seen Nissan 300ZX's going for $3500 as well as S13's (Nissan 240SX). Of course the mileage isn't exactly ideal, but their fun to drive and not to mention they can be modified to be fast as Phuk! Personally, (if i had the money) I'd start out with an S13 (although I would have preferred an S14 but you'll need at least 5k), and then save up some money for a SR20DET engine swap. my :2cents:

posted by  elchango36

funny, but does the cavalier in the profile pic not run on a quad 4?
i heard they have problems with gaskets or some or the other
nonetheless thats a hot cavvy

posted by  6000LE

Hey you.. my neon is 10 times faster than your neon.

posted by  CarEXPERT

the S13 comes with CA18DE/DET and SR20DE/DET, also, the S14 comes with SR20DET with a T25BB if you get the right model.

also, the 240sx that you speak of isn't code-named the S13, it's code-named the RPS13, the S13 looks like this;< br />
you're speaking of the hatchback model, here in australia, they're called a 180sx and come with a CA18DET, also, the 200sx model that comes with a JDM SR20DET is here, but RARE as a nun with a wet cunt.

posted by  HyundaGuy

That joke is a month late :doh:

posted by  fudge

hey guys, yesterday my dad and I went on out to check out a few cars. there were a few we knew that we're definitely not going to buy, and a few more that were worth considering. there are quite a few that we need to check on carfax, but other than that, they look good. here they are:
1. '88 Civic (Si/HF/DX?) HB w/ b18a block. (mileage?) $2k obo
2. '90 Civic Si HB w/ 134k (engine uncertain). $2950 obo
3. '95 Integra, assuming this is all stock. $2500 obo
4. '89 Civic Si w/ DOHC b16. $1600 obo
5. '90 Civi Si w/ new eng. but don't know which. 70k. $3k obo

all of the above still need to be checked on carfax before we can even go look at them. the rest have been checked on carfax, and have clean titles.

1. '90 Civic Si HB, 50k, engine swapped (but don't know which eng.) $2150 obo
2. '95 Eclipse GS, 151k. stock, $3500 obo

what should I do? heh...
thanks guys.

posted by  odds

Out of all this point I like the #1 that has been checked out by carfax. It has low miles, and a low price. And it's an Si, but it would be good to know which engine is in there. :ohcrap: Hopefully it's a good one, if not, then I would check out some of the other Si's on the list and see how many miles they have and stuff. :thumbs:

posted by  hondaman

You can get far better cars for the money you have. Don't go with any of the cars you listed.

posted by  importluva

importluva; what kind of cars would you suggest? I'm in the LA area, so I have quite a selection. :)

posted by  odds

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