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Hey, I recently checked the spark plugs on an 88 Mazda 323 that i recently purchased and they are definately way over due for replacement. I was wondering what the best plugs would be for this car??

posted by  Nataku

is that 323 a familia gt-x or gt-r? in other words, is it turbo or non turbo?

if it's not turbo then i'd go with bosch plugs, if it is then i'd more then likely get some performance plugs.

posted by  HyundaGuy

If it's just an aestmatic throw in some Bosch super4s or Golden Lodge and forget about them for a year or two. If it's a turbo you need to look carefully at your heat range and consider NGK Iridum or better still Denso Iridiums.

posted by  Wally

It doesn't have a turbo...sadly. I was told by some to go with NGK plugs, I was looking at the NGK g-power platinum plugs and wondering if they were any good on lifetime and a reliable spark? I know that they arent those premium designer plugs .o0(bosch platinum +4)0o., but this isnt a premium car and from what i've heard the designer plugs dont perform any better than the regular platinum plugs.

posted by  Nataku

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