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A Mazda 323 Familia GT-R?

1.8L 207hp
13.8's in the 1/4mi. STOCK

i personally like them.. anyone else think so too?

posted by  HyundaGuy

seems quick but i have never heard of that car before. ive heard of a 323 but not a 323 familia gtr.

posted by  silvia_star

http://us1.webpublications.com.au/static/images/articles/i11/1188_13mg.jpg< br />
those are a few pics!

posted by  HyundaGuy

Could the US version be the hatchback version of the Mazda 3??? If it is, I like it. Some pics might help.

[EDIT] oops..didnt see the links :laughing: ... ignore this post.

posted by  elchango36

the car looks fast stock. must be really quick i bet. i dont think they ever made those out for the u.s.

posted by  silvia_star

damn, feel sorry for the yanks! they're great cars! we've got them here in adelaide and they've got them in japan!

haha! there is three version's;
the GT, non-turbo, 140hp.
the GT-X, turbo, 180hp.
the GT-R, turbo, intercooled, 207hp.

the GT-R is the preferred model that i'm searching for, although, the GT-X model would also be greatly appreciated.

anyone wanna give me there :2cents: on these cars? the GT-X and GT-R that is.

posted by  HyundaGuy

Some people were toying with the idea of swapping the drivetrain onto a MX-5 to get a 4WD MX-5.

As for the car it was similar to the Pulsar Gti-R. Both turbocharged, both 4WD and both built for rallying. But neither were sucessful until prices went down and people realising that it was a good base for tuning.

And because of it's age it's probably one of the fastest hot hatchbacks you can buy for it's money.

posted by  fudge

warning!!! Unless you wanna buy at least four g/boxes a year? Don't get one!!!! I'm telling you now, we wouldn't even trade them for more then 2 grand, (which was our minimum trade amount for anything). They are well known for crapping out the gearbox on a regular occurance. There is also very little that can be done to stop it. Mazda done great on the engine but failed to build a box to handle the power.

also the gt wasn't 140hp. I had one for a town hack which was little more than a twin carb version of the base model.
I am assuming you mean the old familiars????

Anyway, if you do? don't bother unless you are real keen to become an obsesive. they are cult favorites, but the real owners know that they may do a quick 1/4 once or twice then BOOM! stick out your thumb cos you aint driving home.

posted by  relicensed

You can always turn to Quaiffe for a better gearbox.

posted by  fudge

Boy you sure do like those hatchbacks dont you :laughing: I think theyre cool looking cars. I had never heard of this model until you mentioned it. Is it just a Austrailian thing?

posted by  SlipKnoT

We only got 1500 GTXs in '88-89. Plenty rare, and hard to come by (though fairly cheap). http://sturtevant.com/323gtx/forsale.htm

I know of people taking the engines out and bolting them into Ford Festivas...

posted by  ChrisV

Sounds cool. I am a big fan of the Pulsar GTi-R and it seems pretty similar. SR20DET werrrrrd.

posted by  VG30DE

i know about the weak gearboxes, a friend of mine had a dogbox made from the fwd model gt, (which does have 140hp, thank you very much). Also, they all came without the carby from 1990 onwards, which is the year i'm speaking of.

also, i'm just asking for your opinion on the positives of the car, not the negative's, i know of all of them already, as three of my friends have one each and all say that they're fantastic vehicles, i just want to know what others think aswel.

actually, these have a BPT, 1.8ltr, not a 2.0ltr, the engine is mounted on the opposit side of the engine bay from the SR20DET.

the GTiR was a fantastic car, MUCH better then this one, it's just that the GT-X and GT-R are soooo much cheaper then the GTiR and easier to find also.

posted by  HyundaGuy

i have only seen one of those before and the one i saw was claimed to run 14's but i don't know about that

posted by  mx3_monster

stock, the GT-R does 13.8's and the GT-X does 14.1's

so i'd actually agree with the fact that it could do 14's or lower, if it had softer suspension, heavy dutie clutch and a dogbox, with minor engine upgrades, the GT-R could push into the mid 13's easily.

posted by  HyundaGuy

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