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why is there different versions of motors? like there's a version 4, version 5, and a version 6. whats the difference?

posted by  silvia_star

1 and 1 respectively :mrgreen:

posted by  fudge

version 4 = first with the interior upgrade (digi clocks, dails, also better flow turbo that started with the v3.

version 5 = not much difference to the 4, slightly bigger i/c, different seats, minor changes.

version 6 = still the same old shape but considered one of the best from subaru in most places. again only small changes from the 4/5 but gave more torque.

version 7 = first of the new shapes, 6 gears, new package inside and out. most desirable would be the sti spec c! amazing car!!!! First car to start to overcome the lean forth cylinder problem.

This is of course sti's from japan. I don't know about american cars, but all cars here are from japan.

I'd still have an old 91 subaru legacy rs-r over most of the imprezas though. just need to drop in the sti gearbox. But then again, I'd have the old 95 evo3 over the new one so probably best to ignore me i reakon.

posted by  relicensed

The Version numbers are all used to signify which "VERSION" of the car you are refering too. Although Subaru doesn't directely use it in the name like Mitsubishi does with the Evolution i.e Lancer Evolution 1-9. Its pretty much just which model of the STi tuned is being talked about. For instance, in 2000 the full name for a 2 door STi is Subaru Impreza WRX STi Version 6 Type R (Type RA for the 4 door). 94 would be STi Version 1, 95 Version 2 and so on. All were not imported to the US and all used Subaru's 2.0liter turbo powerplant. The late model STi's were rated at 280HP and torque differed from the Version 5 and 6 by about 7lb ft. Versions 1-4 were 235 for 1 and 2, 250 for the V3 and 260 for V4. The new USDM STi uses the 2.5liter motor, only the US has this one, rest of the world got the same 2.0liter. USDM makes a good bit more torque and HP than most, only other Impreza that could keep up with the USDM STi is the Spec C.

posted by  Boostjunky

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