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My friend Eric told me for $100.00 he could dress up my engine.

What can you possibly do for only $100.00? That's sounds way too cheap for me.

posted by  SyntheticTrust

Clean, detail and paint. You can do a lot with a little elbow grease.

posted by  ChrisV

i read somewhere back on another thread, how to clean and pain your rocker cover to suite you.

if you like i can find the old thread and copy/paste everything into here so that way you'll know how to do it yourself?

posted by  HyundaGuy

go for it

posted by  SyntheticTrust

cost doesn't really matter. for fast and furious 2 they had millions of dollars for a budget, but if you look close when the asian guy is checking out the evo and spyder at the beginning everythings just spray paint and wire loom

posted by  airmanUSN

this DIY while very basic, will still require *some* painting skill best to practice on a few things first before attepting the real thing.

first off start with a typical Hideous looking engine bay.

now remove the rocker cover.. this will vary from car to car obviously but in my case it was a matter of loosening 13 domed nuts around the edge of the rocker cover and popping it off.
spray the inside of the rocker cover with degreaser and wait for it to dry.
now for the most annoying part... sand off that rocker cover so theres no paint left on it. this could take some time, use a rough paper.. perhaps 600-800 grit.
i kinda cheated i used a sand blaster...

now, as shown in the picture mask off all the holes (or anything you dont want to paint) with masking tape.

because you have taken it back to metal you will now have to spray it with ETCH primer i used the stuff in a can, because it was a small job and i couldnt be bothered mixing it up. its available from any auto store.

after you have given it a few coats of primer, it should look somewhat like this:

now get a can of cheap ass black paint and spray a VERY light coat over the primer so that it looks like this:

this black paint is a sanding guide. wet sand the rocker using fine (1200 or more grit) paper untill you can nolonger see any of the black.

the next coat will be the colour so i will be using a gravity feed spray gun

mix up your colour with thinners according to the directions on the can of paint
and give it a few even coats of colour. dont spray from too far away or the paint will dry before it hits the surface. and dont spray too close cause it will run..
unfortunately no one was game enough to come near me with a camera during this process so i have no pictures :(
once you have coated the rocker cover with colour clean out the gun with thinners and mix up some clear coat, again according to what it says on the can.
spray several even coats of clear over the rocker and it will give it that glass looking effect. again no pics :(

keep it in a warm dry dustless enviroment for about 24 hours before re fitting to the car. and remember when you re fit it to buy a new rocker cover gasket so you dont get oil leaking out everywhere.

once you have finished you engine bay should be looking somewhat less disgusting:

if you mess it up just wait for it to dry, then sand it back and give another coat.
DO NOT try to stop runs or pick out dust when the paint is still wet.

posted by  HyundaGuy

i painted my valve cover today and i'd recommend KRYLON wrinkle paint. It looks exactly like the factory texture on JDM valve covers. Just spray aircraft remover on old paint,wash off,prime and spray. it's really easy.

posted by  airmanUSN

close up of texture

posted by  airmanUSN

Engine accents.

posted by  SlipKnoT

Id go for it. I wish someone i knew would offer that to me :ohcrap:

posted by  GonnaDie4TheGov

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