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Hey all i am a military member based in japan and i am looking to bring a rb20det or a rb25det engine back with me and i am looking for a car that is sold in the USA that i can drop the powerplant into. Perferabley a car that can take the engine easy and not require a ass load of body or doghouse mods to get the engine to fit. I am a old muscle car freak (1965-1973) so i am kinda slow in the newer car area. I have a 1989 nissan skyline gts-t so it has helped me a bit so basically what i am saying is HELP. :banghead:

posted by  dieagonien

unless that RB20DET is worked quite heavily, i'd suggest you look at a larger engine like a VQ30/35DE/DET/DETT.

or even an RB26DETT and stroking it with a 400cc stroker kit.

a smaller, 2ltr, I6 wont be able to hold it's own in a heavy american car, basically, go for displacement and japanese power.

posted by  HyundaGuy

lot's of people are shipping SR20DET motors over and putting them in Nissan 240sx'. With an mildtune upgraded boost controller,bov,and exhaust you'd have youself a fun little drift car

posted by  airmanUSN

True. In fact I know someone thats about to do that sometime soon, if he gets around to it. I'll tell you guys how it drives if he gets it done.

posted by  Vlad

I don't know what it's called in america but I'm sure you must have it, the holden (pontiac) "vl" mid eighties commadore made a version for a couple of years with the rb20det standard. They later dropped it as they didn't listen to the jap engineers when told their standard gearbox wasn't strong enough and the cars had problems constantly. If you could find one of these you wouldn't have too much of a job dropping an rb26dett in with some firewall and floor pan engineering. You will know how cheap it is to pick up an engine and also how cheap to find a decent g/box too being in japan. You may find it a smarter bet all round though to just pick up an old godzilla for next to nothing and use the whole car as a donor for whatever project you decide on. I've seen r32 gtr's going for $7000usd on car yards in japan, go to one of the auctions and you might find a decent one for a couple grand less, especialy if you go to the damaged auctions. No point finding a grade 4 or 5 for a donor car.

You would find even cheaper and easyer an old supra motor from the lexus gs300/ toyota aristo. 3jz-gte and rb26dett are proven over and over as the tuning engine of choice throughout japan and most of the world.

I hope you have fun with whatever you decide.

posted by  relicensed

Put a VQ30DETT into a Z.

posted by  Oomba

No such production engine.

Maybe you mean VG30DETT. Which is what comes out of the 90-98 300zxtt

posted by  thunderbird1100

Most people drop in SR20DET's in 240SX's. But a RB20DET will fit with some medium level modifications. Honestly the SR20DET is a much better idea, it's a lot lighter, easier to swap in and has just as much power.

posted by  thunderbird1100

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