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What im wanting to know is when upgrading turbo stages what do u need to immediately replace in your engine so that the bigger turbo wont destroy it? I know theres a butt load of things you can replace in turbo systems but what are the things u absolutely have to replace?

posted by  markymark3

fuel pump, fuel rails, oil pump, oil cooler, oil catcher, injectors, dump pipe, wastegate (internal or external), intercooler, piping, intake.

those are most of the things you NEED to upgrade when increasing boost/getting a bigger turbo.

posted by  HyundaGuy

Low compression pistons....

posted by  Oomba

not really, aslong as your c/r isn't over 9.5:1 then you wont really need to get low compression pistons... and if you're doin' that then i'd go with a low compression package, making all internals give a lower compression.

if seeking a lower compression, you should get a 3" exhaust along with a slightly thicker copper head gaskit.

that's an easy, cheap way to slightly lower ur compression.

posted by  HyundaGuy

Depends on car...

There are many many things that can happen when you upgrade turbos. How good is your tranny? Clutch? What about your brakes? Tires? exhaust system?

posted by  importluva

You'll probably need to remap your ECU.

posted by  Wally

don't forget the most important thing. $$$ :mrgreen: $

posted by  airmanUSN

yeah the money is a killer... im only 17 so i dont exactly have money coming out of my ass. :banghead:

posted by  markymark3

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posted by  fudge

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posted by  Accord_Man

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posted by  fudge

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posted by  hhsrastler92

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