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Hey, I was browsing and came across these:


What exactly are they supposed to do? I'm guessing they are just the things that the belts turn on, and they are better than the stock ones? Comes with replacement belts too. Do they add any hp, or just put more to the wheels? How much? Are they worth the money?

posted by  Vlad

:2cents: they are usualy lighter and reduce the stress/strain placed on the engine by running the accesories such as ac and power steering. they are also supposed to "free up" some power at the crank pulley but i'd say that any gains you'd see would be in relation to what other complimenting mods you've done. (exhaust,intake,valvetrain)

posted by  airmanUSN

Well I plan on getting an AEM intake sometime very soon, and I'd be able to afford these when I get paid on friday. Or do you think I should save that 170 bucks and wait one more check and then get some dc sports headers?

posted by  Vlad

How is that even a question. Buy those when the more important performance mods are done. intake, headers, exhaust, etc. They are more for appearance than anything else.

posted by  GonnaDie4TheGov

Oh how wrong you are. When I added the Unorthodox Ultra SS pulley set to my old Accord (turbo h22a) it GAINED nearly 17whp. You wont see that big of a difference on a N/A vehicle but still see a bigger gain than a few hp. On small Honda motors full pulley sets usually net between 8-15whp pending which vehicle.

posted by  thunderbird1100

Thats sounds alright. What would I get on an h22? Thats one of the larger honda engines...with 10-15hp gain at the wheels seams like a good mod to me.

Now can anyone tell me something about the quality of that particular kit? Or should I look at a different one?

posted by  Vlad

AEM makes a DECENT kit...but it doesnt compare to the gains of the Unorthodox set. With a full AEM set on a N/A h22a you'll see no more than 6-8whp.

posted by  thunderbird1100

Do you have link to the Unorthodox kit? Does it cost more than the AEM?

posted by  Vlad

Yes, http://www.modacar.com/products/Honda/Prelude/URUPS/Unorthodox+Raci.html

And yes.

posted by  thunderbird1100

they don't hace any for 97-01 lude? Costs alot more than the AEM.

posted by  Vlad

Did a quick search and found this...this guy has the set for $213.20 SHIPPED Ithis is a steal, email him and get one).


posted by  thunderbird1100

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