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I need help. I've been planning on purchasing a WRX in the next 12 months, but lately I've seen a few nissan 350Z's around. I've researched quite a bit and the WRX is quicker but im not sure which I should buy. I can get either of them for about the same price so I guess i need to know which can be built up easier, faster, and cheaper.

posted by  wtdelta88

my personal preference would be the sti because of its all wheel drive capabilities.

posted by  Accord_Man

the Z's VG35DE engine is a great base project, although, it's hard to find a relatively cheap turbo kit for it, aswel as a supercharger kit.

sooooo.. i'd suggest an already turbo'd EJ20 (WRX engine), thus, the WRX.

personally, from all the rexi's i've been in, compared to the two Z's i've been in, i've been more impressed with the rexi all round... acceleration, handling, fun, comfort, and sound quality... i think the pissed off, turbo, tracktor sound is awesome, lol.

although, as i said before the Z has the VG35DE, which is a GREAT base engine to play with... depending on your budget depends on what you get really.

WRX = my personal preference.

posted by  HyundaGuy

3-5-0. Rear wheel drive, and two doors. (convertible even, should you choose to go that route.)

posted by  hondaman

I'd go with the Subaru, but it mostly depends on what you're going to use the car for...The 350Z would probably make a better show car, where the Impreza would be better for racing.

posted by  chris_knows

i've seen it the other way around.

the WRX usually has a lot more spare parts and bodykits, most of the time at adelaide car shows it's almost WRX packed, that and skylines.

the Z's i've seen as track cars and sometimes drift cars.

posted by  HyundaGuy

Two things about the wrx.

1. If you are a power addict you will always wish you got the STi. The extra displacement (this does not apply to the new Alfa-inspired WRXs), bulletproof tranny, extra features you will miss. Having said this, the wrx is easier to mod and can be brought up to STi capabilities.

2. The WRX tranny is considered a little weaker than the STi 6spd. It has an hp limit, it will die if abused frequently. Im not sure about the new model's transmission. You will have to go to NASIOC for full details.

This is OT, but it is rumored that the new STi has forged internals, im not sure but this would be a huge step and make the engine near bulletproof, much like the 4g63.

The Z is the Z. It has great power capabilites although it is very expensive to get there.

You mention that it costs the same? How much are you spending?

posted by  importluva

WRX baby. :hi:

posted by  GreekWarrior

I would go with the WRX. Or rather; the STi, it's just more practical. The 350z is only a two seater, and it costs a lot to maintain. Sure, the VQ35's exhaust note is to die for, but in the longrun only being able to haul one passenger can be a drag sometimes. With the STi, you are getting more car for the money. And the 350z interior is horrendous, its very plain and barren, feels very cheap and plasticky.

posted by  aerith

350Z unless you're planning on going rallying.

posted by  fudge

i'm pretty sure he's planning on buying a consumer version not a rally. while the wrx draws it's heritage and technology from rally inspired design, the version sold to you and me is much more refined and a better car all around. i've driven both and i'd go with the WRX. in the end though it really just what you like.

posted by  airmanUSN

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