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Which car would you rather drive?

96 Civic LX or 94 Camery

posted by  SyntheticTrust

Depends, which engine does the Camry have? What trim level is it?

posted by  hondaman

Although they are really popular, i'd probably have to say Civic. I like the Camry (looks and that) but Civic justs seems alittle better.

posted by  car_crazy89

"blinks and looks twice at the options"

heeyyyyyyyy.....theres no "neither" option! :ohcrap:

posted by  dodgerforlife

You mean Camry right??? If I'm not mistaken your basic Camry LE has a 2.2L I4. They're not on the same platform. Sure, theyre close, but no cigar. It's like apples and pears. It should really be Corola vs. Civic and Camry vs. Accord.
In these two I'd take the Civic and the Camry. :2cents:

With regards to the original question, I'd probably take the Camry if I didn't already have my Civic. The Camry is just more car (with less aftermarket parts readily available as oppossed to the Civic). But who am I kidding, I love my Civic!!!

posted by  elchango36

Well, it depends on what you are going to do with it. People Hauler vs. Sports Car. Well, sort of a sports car, if you swap the engine and a couple of mods. But i would take the Civic, it just looks better, i don't really want to drive a car that was designed for the 35-50 age group demographic....even though i own a car that is too mature for me.....i'm a hypocrite...

posted by  aerith


posted by  Oomba

yea thats it, camry.. Who makes camry? Dodge?

posted by  SyntheticTrust

What are trim levels? All I know is that a cashier came up to me saying she has a 94 Camry and was wishing she had my Civic.

posted by  SyntheticTrust

Toyota makes the Camry. Well, if the Camry came with the V6, I'd choose that. Camry trim levels are: CE, LE, SE, and XLE, from lowest to highest.

posted by  hondaman

I have a 1999 Toyota Camry CE. Great car. Of course, mine is a Gen 4 and the 94 is a Gen 3 (or 2, can remember). As someone else said, the Civic and Camry are in two different classes. The Civic is a smaller sort of "compact" sedan, whereas the Camry is a medium family sedan. The Camry (IMO) is more family-oriented given by its size, so if you want a bigger car then get the Camry, if you dont stick with what you have. Both are great cars, and very reliable, so really, you cant go wrong IMO. :thumbs: :2cents:

posted by  StiMan

It's 5-2 to the Civic so far...

posted by  fudge

Civic they last long but so do toyotas but I like the look of the civic more than the camry.

posted by  Spanky2324

Civic...cheaper af parts and cheaper overall. Its also 2 years newer. The camry will be more powerful but if you plan to do anything to what you buy you will pay more and have a harder time finding what you want for the camry. So jsut go with the civic. You can never fail with a honda :thumbs:

posted by  GonnaDie4TheGov

7-3 still in favour of the Civic

posted by  fudge

Stop post whoring. We can read. :banghead:

posted by  StiMan

i'd go with a civic, i got my license in an EK-3 so i've got a soft spot.

posted by  HyundaGuy

I hope you are joking. If not, you need to do some serious research...

posted by  importluva

The Camry would be my choice.

posted by  SlipKnoT

i would much rather drive a civic

posted by  mx3_monster

i'd go camry! they last longer then any car! and for mods, go with the 4age motor.

posted by  silvia_star

what the **** would be the point of a 4age?


posted by  HyundaGuy

That comment is true about thier reliability, but Hondas are famous for that as well.

posted by  StiMan

I hav a 1999 Camry LE. I bought it used, for a very nice price. It's had hardly any maintenence, just the regular checks, and after 200,000 miles, it's still pumping hard and nice. These are two nice cars here, but i'd say. If ur lookin to modify it, go with the civic, it's got more potential. If ur lookin for a nice family car, go with the camry.

posted by  1/4Drag_05

Woot Gen 4 Camrys! I have a 99 CE. :thumbs:

posted by  StiMan


posted by  VG30DE

4age has a high RPM limit and would work well on a FF car especially if you get a 20v blacktop with it's 6 speed transmission.

posted by  fudge

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