Newb that Bought a 95 AutoV6 AccordLX Sedan for $1400? Good Deal??

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I recently just bought a 1995 Automatic V6 Honda Accord LX Sedan from my sister for $1400 who lives in South Carolina. The car has about 192,000 miles on it, mostly highway miles, and is in overall good condition. There have been only 2 previous owners, I personally know both, and they have taken could care of the car. Oil has been changed every 3 months/3000 miles and when needed, necessary parts have been replaced. The body is in good condition but has some rust near the left rear tire. That can easily be touched up though if needed.

I had to drive it up from SC to PA, where I live, which added about another 700+ miles so I was kind of pissed about that. I took it up I-95 and was going about an average 90 mph the whole way. It ran smooth and everything seemed to be fine.

I don't have a digital camera on me at the moment, but here are some pics I found on google of the exact same model that I have:

I colored the part where there is some slight rusting. The rest of the body is in great condition just like the other accords in the pics. Does anyone know how much it would cost to get the rust spot touched up in PA? A ball park figure would be great.

For all you stick lovers, I know its a crappy automatic and has a hell of alot a miles on it, but thats all I can afford right now. I just need it to get me from school to work to home. I just wanted to know if this was a good investment? I'm not planning to put much money into it. I'll probably just put in a new sound system, repair the rust (if worth it), and fix whatevers necessary along the way. I'm looking to sell this car eventually to get a car that I can actually invest into and hook up. How much do you think I could eventually sell this for in PA?

Thanks :thumbs:

posted by  SportMan0021

Thats a friggen EXCELLENT deal. Those go for $4500-$5500 easily in an open market. Looks like you got good connections.

posted by  thunderbird1100

Alittle high on the miles but you say its been taken care of and most of the miles are highway. Thats a very good deal. I got my 96 lx 4 cylinder with about 110k miles on it for 4 grand. You will prob be about to atleast double the price you paid for it when you sell it.

posted by  GonnaDie4TheGov

Yeah, I know it has a hella lot of miles on it but is in overall good condition. I plan on using it as a daily driver until I can sell it. I'll probably try to sell it for around $3000-3500 at first, but perhaps lower it if I can't find a buyer fast enough. About 90% of the miles on it is highway miles, so I don't know how it will handle the stop and go traffic after a while. Hopefully I can sell it soon enough before putting too much money, if any, into it.

posted by  SportMan0021

Just don't beat it and go like 80+ on normal driving. Thats what i do and trust me its baddd lol. I need to get off that habit before i really get in trouble.

posted by  GonnaDie4TheGov

Its v6 and its 1400... very good deal. :clap:

posted by  A-cord

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