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The shop that im gettig alot of my engine work done at says that it going to be very hard and expenive to mod. the engine because of the auto tranny...
how can this be? look at teh guy drifting with the el camno... he has an auto with that car/truck and its a competer.
they say that they cant install a stand alone engine management crap..


posted by  cnalven

don't do up an automatic 240sx.

what engine mods are you intending on doing?

posted by  HyundaGuy

:thumbs: sr20det motor is the way to be! unless you want that tight ass rb26dett.

posted by  silvia_star

im not going to do an engine swap because the ka has 70k on it from and old lady... also, look at grandnationals theyre autos (some) and there rockets

mods, greddy turbo kit, lsd, and catback system

posted by  cnalven

Different cars have different amounts of electronics controlling the transmission. The Grand National has zero electronics in the transmission and there's about 1000 companies that make GM performance auto transmissions (these transmissions could also be used in the Camaro you mentioned). Chances are, your 240SX auto tranny isn't strong enough to take any abuse from a performance engine, and there probably aren't very many (if any) companies that make performance bits for your auto tranny.

Also, if your auto tranny has any interface with the factory computer... a stand-alone will not have any outputs for the signals required for the auto trans, and therefore your tranny will not function properly, if it functions at all.

Those are the main reasons.

posted by  Bino

how much power do you want to make. Most auto trannys will handle a decent amount of power. Are you really going to be making enough power to use a standalone. Why not just use the emanage or something like that.

posted by  bigdaveangell

ok, well for $3500 they'll install a manual and have at least 350whp....

posted by  cnalven

how hard is the convertion from an auto to a manual? its not that hard is it? since the car comes in both froms without any diff.

posted by  cnalven

are you sayin' that a manual transmission is going to increase your power?

posted by  HyundaGuy

different tranny more horse power? LOL...i wish.
different engine...now, thats a different story...LOL.

tranny swap in my area cost around $700...professionals who specialize in 240sx. Will have to find ur own clutch pedal tho :ohcrap: Other parts are included.

I dont think tranny will make much of a difference. A car is fast if its a fast car and slow if its a slow car. A manual tranny swap just wouldnt make a slow car fast...and an auto tranny swap would not make a car lose HP.

posted by  nissanTFsx

NO!......... but they can only mod the engine if they convert it to a manual

posted by  cnalven

Is that true with all automatics? Ive been told by tons of people to do work on my auto Accord. I know Honda's tranny's are made to be shot by a shotgun and still work but are they more durable in the factor of putting turbo or a supercharger in?

posted by  GonnaDie4TheGov

if they said that then they're talking bullocks.

the amount of mods you can do to your engine doesn't depend on your transmission, my father had a ca18de model S13 silvia w/ an automatic transmission which he changed into a high compression demon, he took the c/r from like 9.5:1 to 13:1, now i'm pretty sure that it takes quite a bit of work to up teh c/r that heavily.

honestly mate, Nissan have made the worlds best gearboxes *in my mind anyway* and i doubt that an automatic gearbox from Nissan in a Nissan is stoppin' them from working on your car.

if they're worried about your Torque Converter shitting itself, then go out, find an Elderbrock distributer, buy a 500hp Torque Converter and get to ****ing work on your engine.

Them saying that they CAN'T work on your car cause it's automatic is a lie, them REFUSING to work on it because of the fact that it's automatic is a possibility, which one is it?

posted by  HyundaGuy

which one is it?
well they will work on it but not as far as i want...
there main thing are stand alone systems. they dont work on auto trannies :cussing: (at least the ones they use)

posted by  cnalven

Thats not true in the least. The transmission makes no difference.

Saying that though, stock auto trans on non exotic vehicles respond a lot slower then manuals do. Also, autos have to spend time deciding what they want to do, whereas a manual you can just do it yourself. And autos are much more complex. There is a performance loss with automatics, and can result in less whp. Plus manuals are so much more fun.

posted by  Oomba

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