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is it basically a td05 turbo?

posted by  silvia_star

All 16G turbos (Small 16G, EVO III 16G, and Big 16G) are variations of a TD05 turbo.

posted by  Bino

i thought that the 16G came as a td03 - td05, then it was changed to a td06 25g ?

am i mistaken?

posted by  HyundaGuy

Well, perhaps I shouldn't have made that statement so cut-and-dry. I've never heard of a TD04 or a TD03 version of the 16G turbo. But a search on good old Google yielded at least one of both... although some people made a reference to a TD04-16G from an A/T DSM... which is just plain wrong. So it would appear that there are TD03 and TD04 variations of the 16g. But I will say that the most common 16G is a TD05. I'm under the impression that a TD03-16g or a TD04-16g would be an uncommon beast at best.

posted by  Bino

i'm not positive on this but my friend bought his E39A, fairly stock, 4G63, TD03-16G turbo, which is why i suggested that the TD03 was a 16G aswel.

the turbo produced around 180hp @ 4000rpm - 6500rpm, so it was quite a heavy boost, BUT, that was on 18psi, stock, i think it was on 6.412psi and the boost kicked in about 1900rpm, so it is quite a good perfomer.

posted by  HyundaGuy

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