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Here is the deal... I saw this integra on ebay with a starting bid og 6400 with a reserve of 7000 ( i found out) No one bid on it so they didn't sell it. The dealership that is sellin it is about 25 miles from my house. I am prob gonna go check the car out tommorow. Do u think it's a good deal?
Here are the "stats" on it.
2000 integra ls
Silver exterior
64k miles
I think a type R spoiler but i am not sure. ( By the looks of it it looks like type R spoiler)
Read/White tailights
and once again by what i can tell a Greddy cold air intake system

I think it's a good deal for the year and miles. What do u guys think?

posted by  V-TECH

Thats a great deal! Go for it.

posted by  SlipKnoT

seems pretty nice. just make sure the dealer isn't screwing you with a shitty and unreliable engine. used car dealers are known to do that.
good luck :)

posted by  odds

Remember, the spoiler doesn't always tell, Type-R's came in 3 colors, yellow, black, and white, judge that way, and by the gas prices, **** it, go for one that doesn't take premium

posted by  99integra

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