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What all can you guys tell me about a skyline? I know a bit but not much. Information, pictures, and links all appreciated. Thanks! :thumbs:

posted by  DarkVixen

which model skyline?

you need to be more precise please.

posted by  HyundaGuy

The r34 if you know anything about about that one.

posted by  DarkVixen

which model R34? GTS, GT-t, GT-R or the NUR Spec ones?

posted by  HyundaGuy

I guess we'll start with the GT-R :mrgreen:

posted by  DarkVixen

the GT-R has an RB26DETT motor, twin T28(BB) Turbo's, it has 550cc injectors stock w/ a 6spd manual gearbox(don't know bout the auto's, they suck anyway).

the GT-R is capable of a LOW 13 second pass STOCK, it can be upgraded to unbelievable amounts of power.

since the cylinder cells between #3 and #6 are so thick, you can stroke it an extra 400cc, thus giving you an RB30DETT, in actual fact, Nissan produced an RB30 engine, but it was for the Holden Commodore, VL, this WASN'T a DOHC engine, but it was a SOHC engine, thus making it a RB30E/RB30ET for the VL Turbo/Calais.

The GT-R is a fantastic performer, with Brembo brake's STOCK, front and rear, along with 7.6kg coil-overs in the front and 8.1kg coil-overs in the back, STOCK, this allows the car to handle like NO OTHER big car on the road.

it is a 4WD/AWD set up and has a LONGITUDE mounted engine with twin differential's.

posted by  HyundaGuy

What is your favorite kind of skyline?

posted by  DarkVixen

either an ER34 or a HCR32, possibally the BNR32 aswel.

posted by  HyundaGuy

any particular reasons those ones?

posted by  DarkVixen

the ER34 is a 4 door sedan R34 skyline, w/ an RB25DET engine, very good car for drifting, the HCR32 is a cheap skyline, RB20DET engine and seriously strong gearbox, the car can handle MASSIVE amounts of thrashing and it is also a RWD.

the BNR32 is the fastest GT-R, although it's a 1990 model, it's still capable of a 12.7 second 1/4mi. pass stock.

posted by  HyundaGuy

reakon the 33 has the strongest box myself :2cents:

(couple more years and we can import the r32 again as a classic over here :drool: Gt-r for $10000 nzd??? :clap: )

posted by  relicensed

after driving an ER33 and then a HCR32, i decided i'd prefer a HCR32 ANY DAY!

the R33's are to big and have a heavy and shit chassis, which is the reason for calling them a BNCR33, BNC = the chassis code.

incase you didn't notice, the BNR32 and BNR34 have the same chassis, meaning that it's stronger and lighter and better then the R33, also, the synch in the 3rd n 4th gear in the R33 box had similar problems that the gearbox in the ASL1 did, it used to tear the shit out of itself at high speeds on high RPM's without replacing the drive-shaft.

now to have the same problem in 1995 w/ a gearbox that you had back in 1957, i think that there's a problem there.

which is reason that with the R34, they used the same concept box as the DR30 (same box as the R32), to obtain a shorter box with smoother shifts.

posted by  HyundaGuy

To me, what differentiates the R34 GT-R from other cars in the US is:

1. Nice design. I like the looks of the car better than any of the previous models
2. The ATTESA AWD system is prety advanced and as far as i know only Porsche has a similar system

Other than these two, the R34 is just like many of the cars we have in the US already....

Finally, nissan has promised to have a GT-R in the US soon (2007 is a year thats come up a lot) and in all probability it will be very expensive.

posted by  importluva

still something I like about the 33 though??

btw, the 33 g/boxes are used in place of the gt-r box in most of the drag cars here in nz. There as well regarded in the drags as the famous hilux diff is.

All that aside though, just through my own experiances of skylines, I do have a thing for the 33 (when we're talking without gtr in question of course). I've had to fix soo many more 32s than 33s in the workshop. Plus to drive (as I'm not a drifter and prefer to feel solid in a car) I just like driving the 33 over the 32. As for the 34, I've only driven a couple and they were heavilly worked so not really fair to compare them in this. I'm too old I think to have to deal with those 2 ton clutches that are either on or off with nothing inbetween.
If I want a track eater I'll strap a gsxr 1100 engine to a go-kart and go nuts :screwy:

posted by  relicensed

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