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ive recently bought a celica and im looking for other members to discuss body styling

- already have 17's on it
- lowered
- upgraded brakes

u know the ususal stuff

anybody got parts or know good parts please reply :thumbs:

posted by  intel

My thought is the link in the signature is a bad idea.

posted by  hondaman


posted by  99integra

are you in the U.S.....if so where did you get that gt4......and if you have a boosted car....easiest thing to do is get a boost controller

posted by  black_plague

I agree...that def is advertising

posted by  GonnaDie4TheGov

Theyre anal about "advertising" here. :doh:


Why not performance, ricer?

posted by  Oomba

I would take a look at some performance parts.

posted by  bigdaveangell

the 3S-GTE is capable of producing 400hp+, the CT26 turbo that comes with it on that ST205 that you've got is capable of around 60hp more, w/ fuel rails, larger injectors, fmic, fuel cut and a boost controller.

if i was you, i'd be lookin' around for some serious upgrades for that thing, my next door neighbour used to have a '91 and it booted!

posted by  HyundaGuy

I own a MR2 with the 3S-GTE motor so i can probaly help you out with any engine stuff but not realy body wise. Although i am having a sort of engine trouble myself. :banghead:

posted by  MR2_Turbo

I think you Should Start with Headers and a New downpipe, that will realy help your 3S-GTE (Buy a good Downpipe, mine broke). Then i would move onto a Boost Controler they are realy cheap for a mechanical one and open you up to lots more potential. After that your gonna want to ignite all your fuel and make some nice spark (hint MSD). Make Sure at this point you have a good bov like a Greddy or an HKS. I like the Greddy Type-s, but Some of the HKS sound Sick. The BOV is probaly the most important. No your car isn't Sneezing, if someone asks. By this point you got more HP like probaly 250, low estimate. Buy a JDM ECU and make that thing Fly, now you just tacted a 100hp to the crank soo your pumping 350 min. Go With opening up the Fuel pump, rail and injectors to allow full fuel flow. Now change the Cams to some 9.6 lobes. Change your intercooler to an HKS long front mount. Congrats you broke 400 hp at the Crank.

posted by  MR2_Turbo

i doubt this greatly with those MINOR upgrades, my next door neighbour had to change his internals, cooling, ecu, fuel, oil and turbo parts to achieve 422hp.

the 3S-GTE is a great engine but was never made to have extremerly high power outputs, thus meaning that 400hp is hard to achieve with such minor upgrades.

and by the way, with the 3S-GTE that comes in the ST, it has a fuel cut at 14psi, with a boost controller, you can go to a minimum upgrade of 15psi from 6.42psi, so that means that you need to get a fuel cut defender.

these cost between $170 - $250.

his car was a ST185 and your's is a ST205, so there could be quite a few difference's, same as MR2_TURBO has a SW20, so the engine could be very different.

posted by  HyundaGuy

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