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I'm Planing on buying an import but i basically know shit about cars so i was wondering if anyone here knows what i could get for 5,000. any imput would be helpful. Thanx
Dan :thumbs:

posted by  rockstar321

well it kind of depends on what type of driving your planning on doing. if you going for drifting, a trueno levin or a fairly old skyline would work. but if your going for power and for the strip and money is limited the older acura integra puts out good torqe and with 1500$ in boltons you could get one fast ride

cal :smoke:

posted by  civicstang123 go there

posted by  Car Guy

Thanx for the imput guys.

posted by  rockstar321

buy a twin turbo 300zx :mrgreen:

posted by  jzxTT

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