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Hey all... among the quest for my first car, I've stumbled upon a few nice lookin' Preludes. I've only heard great things about this car, but I'd like to hear a few more people's opinions on it. What I know is that the '92-'96 generation features S, Si, and VTEC engines. The car weighs around 2800lbs. Knowing I only have less than $3000 to spend, the best I can shoot for is an Si model. I've found a few that look pretty nice, and my Dad and I will probably check 'em out today or tomorrow. The jdpower.com ratings look impressive, but I want to hear what the people that have actually driven it think. Is it reliable? Does it handle well? How accessible are parts (stock and after-market)? Will I be able to upgrade the Si to VTEC power for under $800?

Thanks for helping me with my first car, everyone.

posted by  odds

The 92-96 Preludes afre very strong cars. IMO they are better than the heavier 97-01 Ludes. The Si is harder to find parts for than the VTEC model (h23a vs. h22a), but you wont have problems finding what you need. You're not going to increase 160hp to 200hp for under $800. Well you could come close to that... CAI ($200), header ($300) and custom bent 2.5" exhaust ($200-$300) should put you over the 190hp mark. Only way you'll see stock VTEC power with a Si for under $800 is nitrous.

posted by  thunderbird1100

Preludes are awesome cars. I drive a 98 and love it. The 4th gen is cool too, but I havn't driven a non vtec so I dunno how the si drives. Handling is very good. Parts are quite plentiful.

And thunderbird, the 4th gen weighs 2,932 lbs, and the 5th weighs 2950 lbs, so there is not that much weight diff.

posted by  Vlad

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