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I have a 99 eclipse rs that i am currently trying to get sponsored also have 91 talon tsi 2wd does anyone know who it is that sponsors eclipses and talons i have been trying to find them but am unable. any info? please help, redirect, anything thank you

posted by  widget

there was a post on here like a day or so were it had a thing for sposoring cars but i dont wanna be advertising plus i cant even remember the site. sorry bro . go to and try searchin there.

posted by  MitsuRacer is a good place..i got a few from there

im sorry i know this is prob advertising but its answering his question

posted by  GonnaDie4TheGov

ya i have a couple through cs but only partial. i need to find fulls if you know what i mean. good lookin though keep the info rolling every bit helps bros :thumbs:

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Do good at events and get scouted. Talk to manufacturers like Falken and Dunlop at events.

posted by  Oomba

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