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To American's on this forum; here in Canada we have an Acura model that you guys don't get; the EL. It's based on the Civic sedan, and basically it has very minor engine upgrades, and a facelift with a new interior. Well, Acura Canada announced that they are burying the EL line and the entry level sedan spot will take a short hiatus. Until 2007, that will be when Acura releases the CSX. Some say its based on the new Civic, some say it will be based on the new 4 door Acura RSX. Does anyone know anything about this? Or does anyon e know about the new 4 door Acura RSX?

posted by  aerith

haven't heard about it...sounds interesting.

posted by  Zalight

Best i could find of anything about the CSX: (i think)

posted by  car_crazy89

Isn't the TSX the 4 door RSX? I coulda sworn that it was...and i know an article i said stated that Acura said its the TSX

posted by  GonnaDie4TheGov

The TSX is the European/ Rest of the world (except North America) Accord, the accord that we get in North America is called the Inspire in Japan and probaly any where else its sold. The TSX replaces the four door Integra spot that existed before the RSX came out. But Honda is allegedly about to release a new 4 door RSX, in Canada; that would mean a replacement for the Canadian-unique EL. And if it gets released in the US, its probaly going to be the entry level sedan, that is missing from Acura America.

Here's some pictures of the Canadian-unique Acura EL. Which is obviously based on the Honda Civic Sedan.

posted by  aerith

Hey everyone,

I did find this:

Looks really really new but has some amazing pictures and reviews

posted by  Neut084

Sorry buddy, but I wasn't born didn't just find that, you produced it and are on the lookout for members!

A word of advice, dont join a Forum under the same username as you are in the one you're trying to was a bit of a give away mate...Oh, and read the rules...infact I'm not sure there's any point as I doubt you'll be back!!

posted by  Cliffy

The CSX is the EL's replacement, based right on the new '06 Civic.

posted by  thunderbird1100

Looks kinda like an 04 Civic :ohcrap:

posted by  99integra

You just opened a pandora's box. USDM? JDM? Try CDM. Every high schooler with a civic is going to want EL lights, wheels and grills. :laughing:

posted by  VG30DE

I looked up "define:Civic" on google, and it gave me:

:laughing:...I have nothing against the Civic, but I thought everyone should know lol

posted by  chris_knows

great stuff lol...btw, you guys do realise that this thread is essentially a "revived thread" dont ya?

posted by  Cliffy

I thought the name looked familar then i noticed my old post...then i remembered this one :smoke:

posted by  GonnaDie4TheGov

So are you guys getting the CSX? I'm already seeing them on the road now...

posted by  Mathew

No, the americans don't get the CSX. Its a Canadian exclusive thing.

posted by  aerith

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