2006 Honda Civic (56k users beware, many large pictures)

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Honda recently released their new Civic line. In case anyone didnt see the new cars else where. I'll put a couple of pictures up. Also, the new SI coupe will recieve the RSX-S' KA20 engine to put out 197hp.

2006 Honda Civic SI






posted by  aerith

2006 Honda Civic Sedan




[I]Note: The interior lights look magenta coloured, but its actually blue, its just that cameras can't capture the blue correctly, i noticed this; because the interior lights in my car came out purple when i took a picture of it.

posted by  aerith

That's pretty nice...even Oomba can't bash this Honda...I hope :doh:

posted by  chris_knows

I still don't like those tail lights. On the current models the triangle ones are ok but the rounded ones suck. I miss the ones from the late 97-01 or whenever it was done

posted by  GonnaDie4TheGov

I agree with GD4TG, except I'd really like to see the 92-95 lights come back. :(
Oh well, still a great looking car.

posted by  odds

How many threads do we need for this thing, really?

posted by  Oomba

Stop moaning :ohcrap:

posted by  fudge

The front of the Sedan kinda looks like a Saturn.

Looks good though... the Si is gonna be nice! :thumbs:

posted by  StiMan

Just like to note the engine code isnt KA20. It's K20z3 and is rated at 197hp on the new rating system Honda is now using (almost 210hp on the old rating system every other manufacturer still uses). Comes with a 6spd manual gearbox and a LSD. Navigation (As you can see) is an option on the Si and EX.

posted by  thunderbird1100

this is going to sound strange coming from me, but I'm liking the Si - provided you can get one without that damn GPS unit.

edit: saw tbird's note about the navigation being optional.....thank christ.

posted by  dodgerforlife

I like the Si, but I don't like Honda Civics in general. After some more reading and research I might get the Civic Si over the RSX and some other cars. But damn why is it so asian to have a Civic! :mrgreen:

posted by  seoulcityskin

Hmm different.......

posted by  GreekWarrior

no offense but, it disapoints me :ohcrap:

posted by  SyntheticTrust

Looking at the EX sedan he posted I can only wonder how much harder it will be now to install a new stereo deck...

posted by  thunderbird1100

oh its easy enough, you just need to buy a 200$ dash piece instead of a 10$ mounting kit :orglaugh:

posted by  dodgerforlife

God I love my old cars and their easy to mount single DIN units.

posted by  thunderbird1100

eh my din and a half wasnt bad either.

posted by  dodgerforlife

I really don't like it.. just looks like a knock off of the RSX..

Me being a car audio enthusiast myself, also wonder how hard it would be to install an aftermarket deck... reminds me a lot of my old truck... I had a 91 Sierra that I had to buy a whole new dash piece for.. It's going to be pricey...

posted by  Metzger

Still not as easy as the good ole single DIN. They should make more Double DIN and DIN and half for you GM/Mopar guys.

posted by  thunderbird1100

That's what I was thinking

posted by  SyntheticTrust

My problem is that the Civic seems to look bigger and bigger each time a new model is out. But as long as it's faster than it's previous generations then it'll still do well with the sales.

posted by  fudge

I thought the Si was coming out in November but I asked my boy who works at a dealership and he told me he's getting the 06 Civics, including the Si, in 1-2 weeks.

posted by  seoulcityskin

The RSX is based on the Civic. So it shouldn't be a big surprise if they share some styling cues.

posted by  aerith

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