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I have finally found 2 cars that I like the
Eclipse 1990-94
Prelude 1992-96

Which one would you guys get. I like the interior of the Eclipse better but the exterior of the prelude look really nice. Which engine is better of the two and how about quality.

And the Final questions which one can I do the most mods on.

posted by  stevenbob0

Which trim levels of each did you have in mind?

posted by  hondaman

Drive slow homey...
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But anyway

Good choices, I would go with the eclpse GSX over the prelude, if you do get a prelude...Get a type SH

posted by  Zalight

So dont get that part but thanks for the advice
Why would i drive slow :hi:

posted by  stevenbob0

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posted by  junkinthetrunk

ooooooooo i see if its not country i dont know it :wink2:

As for trim levels i dont have any in mind. What ever you guys like the best. The most for the money if you know what i meen

posted by  stevenbob0

Prelude Si VTEC is great then. So is the Eclipse, but in personal preference I like the Prelude's exterior better and the interior is most definitely the winner of the two IMO...

posted by  hondaman

GSX or Vtec Prelude are both excellent choices IMO. The GSX will be cheaper to get faster but the Prelude will handle better. Up to you.

posted by  thunderbird1100

I would choose better handling :2cents:

posted by  99integra

There is no Type SH in 92-96, only Prelude S, Prelude Si and Prelude VTEC. The Type SH came out for 97-01 and it actually was slowest of the 97-01 Ludes because the trim level added on a bit of weight.

posted by  thunderbird1100

What do you thingk of the Eclips GST? DO you thingk i should wait around for a GXT?

posted by  stevenbob0

I personally dont like turbo FWDs in general. The GSX is a much better choice IMO and it will go faster for cheaper than a GST.

posted by  thunderbird1100

I agree. I would go with the GTX as well. I know there are alot of parts out there for both cars, so pircing shouldnt make a difference between the two. The GTX is a factory turbo, although Im not sure about the Prelude, its a pretty upgradable turbo system.

posted by  Masuk


He typoed the GXT... He meant to type GSX. Which is the AWD version of the Eclipse.

And by saying "its a pretty upgradable turbo system", are you referring to the Prelude? BEcause no Prelude was factory turbo'ed.

posted by  thunderbird1100

Wow, there's no such thing as a GXT, the 323 GTX is a Mazda (great bang for the buck... BTW).

GSX/TSI AWD/RS-T AWD = turbo & AWD Eclipse/Talon/Laser
GST/TSI FWD/RS-T FWD = turbo & FWD Eclipse/Talon/Laser

Personally I'd get a TSI AWD, but that's just me. The FWD car is going to be faster from a roll, the AWD cars are killers from a stand still, and the FWD will give better gas mileage. The turbo system is very responsive to modifications and will net much larger gains than similar money spent on the Prelude performance.

Honda has never officially imported a factory turbocharged car to the U.S. They have only ever produced two factory turbo cars excluding Formula 1, the Honda City Turbo, and the Honda Legend 2.5L Turbo.

posted by  Bino

I'd personally go with the GSX, but I have a biased opinion.. I just think they look better, and have quite a bit more potential.. I don't know much about Preludes though.

posted by  Metzger

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