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Howdy All,
I'm looking at a 90 honda accord for $1950. It has 176k on it, but the the engine was replace at 120k, (because the orignal ones oil plug got left out, and someone ran it.), so the engine only has something like 56k on it. I am going to look at it tommorow, thursday(I should ad its from a private party), and need some advice.

First, what common problems does the accord have, and what should I look out for.

Second, Is this a good price, or should I be looking for something else. (I'm looking for a fairly good fuel econmy car under $2000.)

And third, I hear it gets about thirty mpg, how correct is this.

Thanks for the help.

posted by  thejonathan22

The car is solidly reliable. 170k miles is really low for a 90 Accord. With a new engine in it with only 50k miles on it $1900 isnt a bad deal at all (I could get $2000 for mine EASILY...and mine has 222k on it). The only problem I've ever run into my 90 Accord is the main relay didnt NEED to be replaced but if the car was left in extremely hot weather for hours on end (100 degree +) it would take a few tries to start up (so i replaced it for $80). But this didnt start on the motor until just about 200k miles. So you shouldnt have to worry about that with an engine of only 50k miles. I get about 20mpg around town (heavy stop/go traffic), but when i go on long trips from LSU to my parents house in atlanta (about 500 or so miles) i get 31-33mpg on the highway using good ole 87 octane crusing at 80-85mph.

posted by  thunderbird1100

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