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So, I'm still looking for the perfect first car and I asked my Dad for a little loan. :hi:
Anyways, I have ~$3k already and asked my Dad if he'd loan $2k... He said, "Sounds like a good idea." I've been looking for cars from $5k and less, and ones I'm really interested in are the 92-96 Prelude Si/VTECs, the 92-00 Civic EX/LX's, and lastly the 94-01 Integra RS/LSs. So far, the Prelude's have caught the most of my attention. Not many people have them, and some people highly underestimate them. I can easily pick up an Si, but there are only a few VTECs that fit my budget. The requirements for any of these cars are as following:

1. Fairly low mileage
2. Clean title
3. Clean (if not, workable) interior/exterior
4. Not highly modified (or riced out)
5. Manual transmission
6. Maintenance records kept/car well-maintained

Which do you recommend? I've read reviews about all of these cars and all of them seem to be very reliable (I mean, they're Hondas right? :)).
Btw, the reason why he decided to give me this loan is because we've been searching for a decent car for under $3k for awhile now and just haven't found the right one.

Thanks for the help,

posted by  odds

My vote is for the prelude or the integra. I never think Civics have enough hp to start with. But go for what you like the best. Don't settle for what everyone else says. Also theres nothing wrong with an Accord :thumbs: :laughing:

posted by  GonnaDie4TheGov

Heh thanks for the suggestion.
Accords are cool, but my Dad already has one and I'd really like to get a nice coupe with a little more style. IMO, Preludes/Integras/Civics look better than Accords.
Anyways, I've been calling these Prelude owners and lots of 'em seem to be sold already. There are 2 or 3 Preludes left that I will look into. I'm sort of biased towards the 'lude just because they're so sexy with the tail lights and that sleek body style... oh, and the "Prelude" logo on the back written in cursive. :hi:
We'll see how it goes...

posted by  odds

I'd recommend an Eclipse GSX/Eagle Talon TSi AWD. Which you WERE looking at. Much better than any of the cars you listed.

posted by  Oomba

:orglaugh: :orglaugh: :orglaugh:
Don't get mad, she's given up on Eclipses for now. I bet she'll be still looking for her first car till next year at this rate.

posted by  fudge

I second that.

posted by  Spanky2324

If you're really hung up on getting a Honda though, I'd go with the Prelude.

posted by  Oomba

They're not neccessairly better. The DSM is a newer vehicle, at least the TSi or GSX. And they produce 200hp with a turbo. If you rework the internals on the Integra, and bolt on a turbo with intercooler, then it'll produce more hp then the DSM. Although the AWD system is much better then any of the Honda's FWD systems he listed. But the DSM's have more reliability issues then most of those Honda's.

I would go with the Prelude, then the Integra. :thumbs:

posted by  aerith

2nd gens produce 210 with turbo. And if you get a better turbo and rework the itnernals on the GSX itll be even faster than the Integra would be. Not too mention how much easier it would be for a first-timer to install a new turbo if the car came with one from the factory.

posted by  Oomba

Prelude all the way!!! :rock:

Try to find a Vtec if you can, its a lot better than an Si.

After that an integra, maybe you can even find a GSR for $5k? But I dunno.

If neither of those, a civic, but that would be my last choice.

posted by  Vlad

First of all, I'm not a girl. :fu:
Besides that, I'm not gonna get a Mitsubishi just because I can't even find a GSR or GSX for under $5000. Another pro about the Preludes is that I can get one with under 150k miles for under $4000. I don't wanna be in debt for the rest of high school, heh. I think you guys are also forgetting that I'm not gonna race this thing, it'll be my first car. Just something reliable, fun, and quick to drive is all I want.


posted by  odds

u shuld get a scirocco, impossible 2 find, unreliable but ****ing worth every penny if u get one! does things flat out move! 7.7 0-60 4 under 2,000? mmmmm, yummy! or a 500cc Ninja (from kawasaki) but 'dats a motorcycle. but if you don't want fast, and jus' the whole reliable good moving car thangy get the honda, those asian guys are gonna take over the world anywho.

posted by  Slapshot

Eclipse GSR? No such animal. And if you cant find a GSX for under $5000, you just arent looking hard enough.

posted by  Oomba

There ARE a few... but not within a 30 mile radius from where we live. I would go and check 'em out, but my Dad isn't willing too (lazy guy). Oh well, I'll probably end up buying a Prelude if things work out.

Thanks again,

posted by  odds

yeah i would definetly go for the prelude :smoke:

posted by  mx3_monster

Integra gets my vote. :rock: :driving: :hi:

posted by  GreekWarrior

I love the smileys on this forum. :hi:

posted by  odds

out fo what you put i would pick an integra(hopefully gsr).....but ls is ok.....i think preludes are big led sleds

posted by  black_plague

I am so sorry :doh: I think your picture gave me the impression that you're a woman.

posted by  fudge

hehe np, naw i just have that icon because:
1. she's hot.
2. sin city was a great movie.

posted by  odds

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