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Hey guy's,

I picked up a 91 Accord from my brother-in-law. A couple of problems that see right away is that the AC doesn't work, the maintance light is on, and the valve cover needs to be replaced.

Does the light being on mean that there is a problem out there???? Are there codes that I could read?? Can I reset the light??



posted by  johnnys

Find an autoparts store and have the code checked. Most of them will do it for free. Does the AC not work at all or does it just not get cold

posted by  bigdaveangell

The AC is completely dead. The fuses all checked good, I'm going to look at the pressure next. I think the stem on the low side is leaking.

Does the car have an OBD2 connector, or is there another way of checking it out?


posted by  johnnys

You wont have an obd2 connecter but you might have a diaganostic port under the dash or under the hood.

I would check the pressure on the system. If you dont have any air at all I would almost think it would be the blower motor. Not sure if very low pressure in the system will cause it to not blow or not

posted by  bigdaveangell

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