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my parents said they would either buy me a rx-8 or a tsx ........ which is better

posted by  lamboluver

Depends on what you are looking for...RX8 is a sports car. TSX is a luxruy sedan. they both are great cars. Just don't get an RX8 with automatic, has 40 less hp and remember rotary engine=poor gas miledge and high oil consumption.

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posted by  nsupra27

It really depends on what you are looking for in a car, what you are going to use it for, and how much you see spending on it.

posted by  hondaman

RX-8 hands down. Tis a good handling, RWD, practical sports car.

RWD rules. :thumbs:

posted by  importluva

It depends on where you live, because I heard that on cold winter days the RX-8 would sometimes have troubles starting...what do you plan on using the car for?

posted by  chris_knows

been fixed already.

posted by  importluva

LOL, everyone is just ignoring the lil prick :laughing:

posted by  99integra

Definatley the TSX. It's THE best entry level sports luxury sedan out there. The RX-8 is a washed up sport coupe that doesnt make its rated power and is nothing like the good ole RX-7. Plus the 2006 TSX got upgraded galore. Has 205hp (~217hp on the old rating system which every other manufacturer still uses). The six speed varient would give a RX-8 a run for its money (Since the RX-8 makes about the same power as it...) and the TSX (Especially with the A-Spec package) can handle with an RX-8.

posted by  thunderbird1100

Did anyone see the new Top Gear? The guy said the RX-8 was the best car he has driven this year!!! Looks like a lot of fun with Rotary power and rear-wheel drive. Although the TSX is more practical than the "practical" sports car.

posted by  moostang104314

RX-8 and RX-7 can't be compared. Teh FD RX-7 is an all out performance car that only the NSX can equal or surpass(Out of all Hondas). The RX-8 is a grand tourer, a practical sports car. The FD's successor is rumored to come out in a couple years, possibly a light-weight coupe version of the 8, hopefully a turbo, or there will be a mazdaspeed RX-8 to carry on the performance of the FD.

The TSX is FWD correct? RWD >>>> FWD.
How much is the A-spec equipped TSX?

posted by  importluva

The RX-8 would be my choice.

posted by  SlipKnoT

RX-8 hands down. Go for that rotary power!!!

posted by  Spanky2324

$30k if you get everything installed by the dealer and it all comes under warrenty (base 6spd TSX is $26k and change), if not about $1200 off that. RWD is better than FWD, but that doesnt mean a FWD cant not outhandle a RWD.

posted by  thunderbird1100

i agree. But we are talking about the RX-8, one of the easiet sports cars to drive, its limit is very achieveable w/o killing yourself, it has 50-50 weight distribution, it weighs right near 3k lbs, it has a 9k rpm redline, etc. This car was designed for handling, the TSX is not.

"After almost a dozen laps around Miyoshi, it was clear that Mazda has again mastered the art of driving passion. The RX-8 features powerful and progressive braking, sublime steering and accurate shift action. It tends to understeer slightly when driven at the limit, but it's nothing a bit of throttle can't fix. We should also note that the steering uses an electric assist system, an increasingly popular design found on such cars as the Honda S2000, BMW Z4 and the Mini Cooper.

The engine will spin to 9,000-rpm faster than you can say "rev limiter" and feels more willing at high rpm than even Honda's S2000 because of the rotary's phenomenal smoothness. Midrange torque is fully adequate and a second burst of power comes on at about 7,000 rpm, giving the RX-8 a larger "sweet zone" than that offered by Honda's roadster or the Toyota Celica GT-S."

That quote came from here (http://www.edmunds.com/apps/vdpcontainers/do/vdp/articleId=78911/pageNumbe r=1).

"How much quicker, faster, and more exciting would a two-seat version be? If Mazda brass decides that the RX-8 is a success, it could approve a new RX-7 two-seater for '06. The car on the drawing boards will have a wheelbase 11.8 inches shorter, weigh 330 pounds less than the RX-8, and get a significant bump to 280 or 300 horsepower. Styled with a low hoodline, it'll be either a conventional coupe or a retractable hardtop. Stay tuned."

An old article from motortrend. My guess is 07-08 is the year for the return of the RX-7.

posted by  importluva

The RX-8 handles no better than a SVT Cobra (which isnt saying too much in my book for a purpose built handling RWD beast). Its thrust is less than fun. I'll tell you my driving experience with the RX-8.

I got in the RX-8 expecting a car with (At the time rated at 247hp) thrust as good as the S2000 and a 1/4 mile time to boot. What I got was less than Accord V6 six speed acceleration and a 1/4 mile time slower than one too. The handling was supposedly going to be great (I was thinking S2000 esque handling here) and wasnt impressed one bit. Sure it handles great compared to most cars, but for the supreme handling sports cars (S2000) it didnt compare. Even the 2.0L S2000 pulls harder to it's 9500rpm cut than the RX-8 does with its rotary (not to mention the 2.2L S2000 being ALMOST a second quicker in the 1/4 mile). The gearbox was just "okay". When I was on the highway with the RX-8 crusing at 75 I kindly pulled up next to a willing six speed TL and smashed on it for comparison purposes... Much to my suprise the entire way to 100-110 the TL was in a sense, walking the RX-8! The TSX wasnt built to be a handling machine but certainly Honda did something right with the suspension and chassis since it pulls nearly a .9g on a 300ft skidpad and 70mph 700ft slaloms with the A-Spec package. Not to mention the TSX owning the SCCA Speed World Challenege class it's in (with RWD 3 series).

posted by  thunderbird1100

I too have driven the RX-8, but i haven't had the pleasure of driving the S2000 yet. You may be a professional driver for all i know but to me the RX-8 handled exceptionally well for a grand tourer. The S2000 is a "no-compromise" sports car, not a grand tourer. I wouldn't be surprised if the S2000 is quicker around circuits, it was built for that purpose. However, since i don't have experience with the S2k i can't comment on what i think handles better.

As you well know, the RX-8's power was and still is over-rated. I seriously doubt it has the claimed 238 hp at the crank, but even so thats very impressive for a 1.3L N/A motor. Im not surprised if a new TL or the older Type-S beat you, they have more power and tq added to the fact that the RX-8 is not a drag car.

The purpose of the RX-8 is to keep the rotary alive, a bigger market for the rotary will make the return of the RX-7 more feasable. The RX-8 is marketed to the masses, it is not a niche sports car like the S2000 or even the FD. It is for this reason that the RX-8 will appear "inferior" to the pure sports car, it is not a pure sports car. This is why it is ok to compare it to the TSX or any other such mainstream cars.

The S2000's competiton is with the FD for now, not the RX-8.

posted by  importluva

It's kind of unfair, even though the TL weighs almost 500lbs more. The TL has more torque then the RX-8 horsepower. 3.2L V6 vs 1.3L rotary.

I would go with the TSX, its just more practical in the end. The TSX, FYI is the best handling FWD car on the market right now. And for new drivers, FWD is better, since its easier to drive. Plus, the TSX is much more comfortable. And the Acura badge is worth much more then Mazda's. Mazda cars depreciate pretty fast.

posted by  aerith

Dont get me wrong, the RX-8 doesnt handle BAD or OKAY it just didnt handle as good as everyone cracked it up to be. We all know for a fact the RX-8 doesnt make damn near close to its 238hp rating. Matter fact I havent see na dyno of the six speed 6 port model make over 184rwhp (putting it at most in the low 220hp range.

I hate when everyone says its rotary 1.3 N/A makes a ton of power for its displacement. But the fact of the matter is you cant compare that at all with piston motors of similar displacement,. The Rotary works on a different cycle than the piston engine and when you calculate each other equalyy its safe to compare the 1.3L rotary to a 2.6L piston motor. Which still 220hp is a bit good for a 2.6L motor, but nothing spectacular. If you ask me the 215hp+ the TSX makes with only 2.4L is more impressive.

posted by  thunderbird1100

i would have to say go with the tsx. my friend has an rx8 and it's not all that fast. it would take more money to make it fast than the rx8.

posted by  SyntheticTrust

Get whatever you think is better [lamborgini] i would say!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :cussing:

posted by  omar_ruiz

TSX.....though thats only b/c id love to have one :drool:

posted by  GonnaDie4TheGov

man jus shut up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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posted by  99integra

What an amazing first post...you go down in the history for shitheads for that one

posted by  GonnaDie4TheGov

It IS all its cracked up to be. A very good handling car that will appeal to the masses.

You can thank good ole California for that and Mazda's decision to make ALL the RX-8s upto par with California's emission standards.

I really don't like that conversion method, but regardless, the Renesis produces more hp than the N/A FCs did. The RX-8 is already capable of nearly 280whp with turbo kits now, i don't know how much the apex seals can take but that much is impressive considering the FC N/A's trouble with boost. The bottom line is the RX-8 is ground breaking for mazda and the rotary world, and RWD nearly always pawns FWD. It is something vastly different from the everyday sedans/coupes like the TSX.

posted by  importluva

One thing, I'd just love to see someone put the RX-8 in a racing league like the SCCA Speed World Challenge (dont know of any major league it's in right now) and see how it really competes against RWD BMW 3 series and TSXs. I'd almost go to bet with the new '06 TSX 6spd and A-spec equipped, it could seriously give an RX-8 problems around a road course stock vs. stock.

posted by  thunderbird1100

well me being kinda prejudice to begin with...cough cough...

has the idea of oh say testing driving the two come up? that is the only way he can make a sound desicion. drive the damn things!

posted by  Low Impedance

First, have you guys personaly driven theses cars, or are these just what you have heard from "other people"? Just curious. I have actualy 2 friends with the 2005 RX-8, I have driven them both and even though they ride on two diff. types of rubber, I thought they were a blast to drive, handled very responsively.

posted by  Voda48

Test drove the RX-8 (but pushed it hard).

Had a TSX for two days. I'd take the TSX over it easily.

posted by  thunderbird1100

"Kumho Motorsports Mazda RX-8 wins SCCA Solo2 National Championship

Thirty two drivers showed up to do battle in B Stock at the Sports Car Club of America Solo2 National Champions in Topeka, KS. In this class the RX-8 is the new kid on the block among a number of Nissan 350Z's, BMW M3's, Toyota MR2 Turbo's and the class favorite Porsche 968.

After the first day of competition the RX-8's were holding down the top four spots in the class with the 968 in the 5th spot. Phillip Weber was in 1st followed by Eric Jones, Jason Isley and Joe Goeke.

On day two the overall lead changed hands on the first run when Isley set a blistering time that would stand up as the second fastest of day.

It was a great year for Mazda with the RX-8 taking 8 of the 9 trophy spots in B Stock. "


Stock class allows tires, shocks, and minor adjustents to stock alignment. No engine or chassis mods. Raw ability of the car is at a premium as you really can't change it. And the drivers in stock classes at the national level are usually no slouches regardless of class or car.


IRVINE, Calif. - Spectators witnessed history at Saturday's Lexus 250 in Fontana, Calif., as the SpeedSource Mazda RX-8 racing team climbed the podium for the fifth consecutive race, clinching both team and driver championships in the Grand AM Cup for 2004. This is the first professional racing championship for the RX-8, the world's only rotary-powered sports car.

Throughout the 2004 race season in the RX-8's inaugural production year, the SpeedSource RX-8 team battled the Number 95 Turner Motorsport BMW wheel-to-wheel. But when the season's dust had settled, SpeedSource RX-8 team co-drivers Sylvain Tremblay and David Haskell had piloted their number 70 car to the top of the point standings.

"The RX-8 was designed to be a unique and powerful sports car with a platform just screaming for the race track," said Steve Sanders, Manager, MAZDASPEED Motorsports Development. "The vehicle's popularity among enthusiasts along with its impressive racing records are a credit to Mazda designers and engineers, proving the Mazda RX-8 is a force not just on the street, but the racetrack as well."

Well th1100, you wanted to see it against BMWs... What's your track driving experience, again?

posted by  ChrisV

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