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So i have an 02 civic dx in my garage that has been sititng there for some time and i need to get rid of's been in a crash but the engine seems to be fine...i only drove it for a year before i crashed it so it has only 30k miles...yes that's alot for a year but i comute....
The rear axle is broken and the frame is a warped but i didn't have a collisions with the front end of the the engine should be fine...
Does anyone know how and where to sell this...please help...if ebay please tell me some details into what category and things to do there cauase i don't know much about ebay....please help i reallly need to get that out of the garage and i need money...
Also i tried ecology auto parts ..that place that gives you cash for junked cars...but they offered only $125!!!!!!!!'s gotta be worth more than that???? right??....PLease help...thanks...

posted by  94accordprobs

Only 125???? The engine alone is worth about 700 bucks to a grand depending if it did get injured, I would just place an ad somewhere, it will sell fast for the people needing parts for it

posted by  99integra

try posting it on, its a real good site. let me kno if it helps

posted by  KinH305

ebay is a nice place to sell i see crashed cars there all the time going for parts

posted by  6000LE

if i knew where you were i would buy it

posted by  lamboluver

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