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Hi, I have a 2002 Honda Accord SE 4 cylinder automatic, and I am getting subpar gas mileage, but can't figure out what could be causing it, I went to the mechanic thinking it was the timing, and they told me my car can't have the timing adjusted. I have tried fuel injector cleaning and that is also a no-go, what could be causing it? I should be getting 23 city 30 highway from what i have read and i'm getting 19 city 22 highway if i don't let my RPM's go above 3500 or so as accelerating

posted by  naturefreak85

thatdoes seem kinda low, but bear in mind that epa fuel economy estimates are also usually obtained under conditions that are pretty close to optimum...

if you look at a window sticker (or probably any corporate advertising) there is usually a disclaimer that states that you actual fuel mileage may vary with options, driving conditions, and driving habits.... kinda vague, huh?

other than that, how many miles, have you had a tune up recently, are your tires at the proper pressures, is your car perfectly aligned, what weight oil are you using? etc, etc.

posted by  dodger65

Well I bought it honda certified back in May, tires are at the right pressure, and alignment doesn't seem to be far off. I know average reported from people is 26 with city/highway combined. My oil is probably the exact same as the dealership uses, since I haven't gotten it changed yet. I've only driven 1500 miles on it and I'm now at 40000

posted by  naturefreak85

When was the last itme you performed a FULL tune up on your car? Hows your air filter looking? What about your oil?

posted by  SlipKnoT

Well I was under the understanding they performed a FULL tuneup when I bought it, since it is a honda certified car, the airfilter was replaced 1500 miles ago back in may when I bought it as well, and the oil was also changed back then.

posted by  naturefreak85

Have you checked to see if what they said was true by checking the oil and air filter? Dealers like to lie.

posted by  SlipKnoT

I was there as they did it, so I would hope it was actually changed, I mean I had bad gas mileage in my 95 camry, and I got the timing adjusted and my gas mileage jumped up from 17 city 21 highway to basically what it should have been i was getting approximately 26 with combined city highway and with continuous highway approximatly 30mpg which was 2mpg over what I should have been getting.

posted by  naturefreak85

Check the oil, if it's very dark then it seriously needs to be changed.

posted by  fudge

I am supposed to be getting like 28 and 31 in my 96 accord but im getting like 24 though im not complaining since i accelerate hard quite often so im not too concerned. Plus i need an oil change.

posted by  GonnaDie4TheGov

Yea, i figure i would like to get that, i don't even accelerate hard so i can control my RPM's wouldn't you say there is something wrong? I mean if i don't control my RPM's I get like 16 and 19 respectively.

posted by  naturefreak85

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