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Can you put a 96 mustang 5.0L v8 into a 1994 acura integra?

posted by  sandman5000

Yes, it would be possbile. Ive seen a Chevy 350 V8 go into a Honda CRX. So Im pretty sure that this idea would work. It would be costly though.

I like this idea.....I think Ill try it when I get older :thumbs:

posted by  SlipKnoT

You'll also need the gearbox, propshaft and rear axle from the Mustang assuming you want rear wheel drive.

It's not a costly conversion if you can do the labour yourself.

posted by  fudge

A 302 would probably fit if some modifications were done to the engine bay :2cents:

posted by  99integra

AFTER the saturn/nissan motor project? :wink2:

posted by  dodger65

Yeah whatever happened to the 2.5 liter in the Saturn Logan? :doh: :laughing:

posted by  99integra

even if you could fit the engine why would you, you would end up regreting it if you ask me

posted by  lamboluver

Mustangs didnt' have 5.0s in '96...

Nit picking done. You could fit the engine in there (there's a kit to put them in the Focus) but you'd have to do a bunch of fabrication work. I've seen other V8s in what used to be FWD cars, and some of the end results were subtle and well done, and some were not. There's a lot of planning in it, but it could be a fun ride when you were done.

But if you can't do the fabrication yourself, better budget a lot of money for someone else's labor...

posted by  ChrisV

i know in 95 they had the 5.0 v8 for the GT and The 5.8 v8 for the GTS. I am not sure about 96 though.

posted by  V-TECH

The 95 didn't have a 5.0 I thought?

posted by  99integra

no they had it here is link to edmunds. s.u.prices.leftsidenav..5.Ford*

posted by  V-TECH

I must be thinking of a later model then :doh:

posted by  99integra

The 94-95 SN95 stang had 4.9's (5.0). The 4.6 didnt come around for the Mustang until the 96 model year.

posted by  thunderbird1100

The GTS didnt have a 5.8. It had the same exact 4.9 (5.0) as the GT. The GTS was just a stripper version of the GT (V6 interior, less weight, V8 engine). You can kind of compare a GTS -> GT to a GT Deluxe -> GT Premium of today. It's not the best comparison but you get a slight idea.

posted by  thunderbird1100

my bad i meant Cobra

posted by  V-TECH

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