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Hello - this is on my girlfried's '98 Civic coupe EX (I have a '97 Accord EX). Her aftermarket radio was stolen, so she got a new one installed at a chain store. The radio and keyless entry had been working fine for a couple months, then the other night it seemed as though the remore battery was getting weak, as she had to get right up to the car to unlock the doors. Then when she put her key in the ignition and turned one or two positions, the horn started honking and the doors started locking and unlocking repeatedly. When she started the car, the horn stopped honking and doors stopped locking/unlocking.

Now the radio works fine and the power door locks work fine, but the keyless entry doens't lock or unlock the doors. I replaced the remote battery and ran through the synch procedure in the manual; still didn't work. I ran through the synch procedure of taking the key in and out of the ignition and pressing a remote button each time; still didn't work. I checked all the fuses, and they seem to be fine.

I don't hear any relays clicking when I use the remote, so perhaps a relay needs to be replaced? But then if the remote isn't in synch with the car, I wouldn't hear relays. Any thoughts?

For whatever its worth, the dome light doens't work either, but that might just be the bulb. I think the light went out weeks before the keyless entry stopped working.

Many thanks for any input!

posted by  coopbs

i have the exact same car and i heard that there is something in the stock cd player which makes key less entry work.

posted by  ToshoRcing

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