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Alright, since i'm out of home and i don't own a nice car anymore, also, i have basically no money to live on, i was wondering about the personal preferrence's between the TE, KE and AE corolla's.

also, i don't mean anything above a TE25, KE70 or AE71.

quite a few of my mate's own AE71's and love them to bits, but i had a friend who had a TE25 that had a transplanted 4AC engine w/ the T50 box and he LOVED the car.

he said that it blew off adm sprinters, same running gear, just lighter, w/ stiffer suspension and a heavy dutie clutch.

here's the deal, as far as i know anyway.

TE = 3K engine w/ T47 box
KE = 4K engine w/ T49 box
AE = 4AC engine w/ T50 box

who thinks i should get what? and if so, who thinks i should put what in where?

posted by  HyundaGuy

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