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Just from past experiences what is the best sounding aftermarket exhaust?

posted by  A-cord

Ricey or a deep grumble?

posted by  99integra

A lower tone that can be heard..... but isnt heard from blocks away.

posted by  A-cord

Borla or Greddy with a silencer or flowmaster :2cents:

posted by  99integra


posted by  Oomba

greddy or hks

posted by  mx3_monster

borla or magnaflow

posted by  GonnaDie4TheGov

I have a Flowmaster on my pickup and it sounds great (Chevy Vortec) and I just put a Magnaflow on my car this weekend, and it sounds great as well. I will definitely recommend Magnaflow for turbocharged cars.

Oh, and my brother had a Borla on his Firehawk, and it sounded awesome, I would seriously consider one of those systems for a V8 vehicle.

posted by  Bino

Sonic turbo.

posted by  fudge

Borla, Flowmaster, and Magnaflow are all excellent choices. HKS also has a really deep toned exhaust to it. What are you looking to get one on? That will be the determining factor of which exhaust you should get.

posted by  Metzger

Borla is the best for performance, if u just want sound i would say Magnaflow or Greddy

posted by  V-TECH

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