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Anybody know of any good sites? I already know about 3sx .. and that's the only place I can really find. I'm looking for a good exhaust system headers all the way back for it. Would the exhaust system off of a T/T fit? would it hurt anything?

posted by  Metzger

Im not to familer with the 3000GT, but the muffler and whole cat back might fit, I dont know, but I know the headers wont fit because they are turbo manifolds, and you would need to buy a new set for a non-turbo model.

posted by  nsupra27

bump :hi:

posted by  Metzger

I would think the piping from the TT would be bigger than you would need since you are running N/A.

posted by  importluva

The piping would have to run through the twins off the VR4 exhaust, which the N/A model doesnt have, leaving you with a gap.

Besides, you can find an aftermarket replacement that is better than the VR4's stock exhaust.

posted by  Oomba

my question was more in reference into aftermarket parts in general, not just the exhaust setup. I have yet to find headers for the N/A

posted by  Metzger


www.pampenamotorsports.com <-best shop in my opinion these guys can get you anything you want... :D this is the only shop I deal with now...

www.dynamicracing.com (most of my shit is from there)

PS: you can also go to www.3si.org/forum and join up ;)

posted by  SunDown13X VR4

Summit Racing, but go by catalog. Their website blows.

posted by  Oomba

simple solution...get a turbo kit for it

posted by  thrasher

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