are supra mkIII any good?

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can i get a response from people who drove or own these

posted by  machspeed

The 7m-GTE Supras were fun cars. Not my choice in that category, but they can be had for relatively cheap ($2k-$4k). They some get up and go but the 7M-GTE is known for having some issues with the head gasket, I know of a person who had to replace it (not with a cheap one) 3 times in 2 years.

posted by  thunderbird1100

actually, yes, the 7m-gte has issues with the head gasket. still, those who have to change it 3 times in less than 2 years just had the completely wrong person do the machine work for the head. if done properly, the head gasket will last many years.

go HERE ( to view the thread in general forums where i wrote about this model which is the car i currently own (the one in my sig).

posted by  Inygknok

She did everything right, she knows more about Supras (ALL Supras) than anyone I have ever met. She's owned two MKII Celica Supras (I think a 83 and 85) and one MKIII. She knew what she was doing, she knew how to tear apart and rebuild each of those cars from her memory.

posted by  thunderbird1100

note how i was talking about machine work, not tearing apart or putting anything back together. see how u yourself go off talking about things without reading the details?

also, wats stopping her from making a mistake? she is a human after all. ive met MANY MKIII owners who have gone through the BHG problem and have fixed it and have lived on with their cars just fine, some without barely knowing anything about their cars. one of them was actually the guy i sold my stock turbo to (his had play), and i referred him to a machine guy i know. his car has been just fine ever since.

posted by  Inygknok

i dont wanna make a new thread so im gonna ask a question that is off the topic
is the nissan 240sx a 2.4L or 2.0L?
and does it come with the sr20de?
and if it does, then i thought the sr20de was a 2.0L engine?
if not then what engine is in the 240sx?
and which engine would be better
the sr20de or the one that is already in the 240sx?

posted by  machspeed

You should of made a new thread but anyway....

Yanks get the 240sx which has the KA24DE engine (2.4 L).

In australia and other countries we get the silvia/180sx/200sx which has the SR20DET and SR20DE (2.0 L).

These are the same car except for the engine.

A lot of people either turbo or swap the ka engine for an sr, personaly I think the sr is the better engine.

Hope this helps. :thumbs:

posted by  GreekWarrior

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