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Sorry if this has been asked before.

Ive read in many places that the Skyline R34 is the best car in terms of speed, seating 4 comfortably, practicality (trunk space, fuel economy), tunability, and looks. Any affordable (less than 100k USD) car that can fit above criteria. Or am i just plain wrong?

posted by  importluva

while the R34 is a pretty darn sweet car, i think id rather have an R33... i like the way they look a little bit better (slightly). but at the same time, i think that skylines are a little to expencive for what you get. in america, you can buy an R34 for about 40-50 grand (depending on where) and the RB26dett (L6 2.6 Liter twin turbo) is pushing about 280 HP... now, if you take the evoVIII, it costs around 30-35 grand and with the 4G63 (L4 2.0 liter single turbo) is also pushing 280 ponies. now taking in the fact that the evo is a lot lighter, id say that (in my opinion) the evo is better than the R34. but all together, id have to chose both the evo and the FD (RX7), cuz the FD is using the 13B (654x2 cc rotary engine single turbo) pusing about 280 ponies as well, so egh, its hard to decide, but id call it a tie between the EVO and the FD

posted by  mazda6man

and you definitely can't forget about the WRX.... :thumbs:

posted by  SuperJew

i was planning on doing that, i cant believe i forgot *brainfart*

posted by  mazda6man

but isnt the RB26dett not at full potential because of restrictions in japan. what would you have to do to get it to 350-400 hp?

regarding the wrx, i have a friend whos always boasting about an sti killing a vsepc, i wanna prove him wrong someday.

posted by  importluva

Nevermind, found that the skyline has 320hp. shoot, itll kill the sti.

posted by  importluva

Well, there is the Nissan Sentra but I'm not too sure about the EPA, Performance add ons and what not. I think the Sentra has a good shot.

posted by  Satty101

Best Car? It is an amazing automobile, for sure. But a nearly new R34 from is well over 100k (like 110-115) for that price you can get a 911 turbo and it would eat a Skyline in all categories. The Skyline also doesn't really seat 4 well and neither does the 911. Whe you are paying this much for an exotic sports car, the back seats are usually and afterthought. And yes, the Skyline has huge HP restrictions on it from the factory, it is very easy to unlock that TT6's potential. However, you say that it would smoke and STi...well and STi has 300/300 to the crank from the factory. If you made the STi cost as much as the Skyline I am more than sure it would kill the Skyline. The EVO is an awesome car as well, it only costs around 28k USD, though.

You were asking what is the best can't ask such a broad question like that. Are we talking 4,6,8 or 12 cyls...are we talking FWD,RWD or AWD? Are we talking 2 dr, 3 dr 4 dr or 5 dr? We talking Turbo, TT, Supercharged or NA? :screwy:

Do you see where I am going with this? Example: What is the best AWD, 4 dr., 4 cyl Turbo'd car? The Subaru WRX STi. :thumbs:

But then again this is all just opinion as well... :laughing:

posted by  jmyers0341

Well seeing as this is in the Asian cars section I'll assume he's talking about Asian cars? And that takes the options down somewhat...for a start I dont believe (although I could be wrong) the Japs make any Supercharged cars then there's the cylinders, Four or Six cylinders in nearly all cases with Jap cars. So really the question is about high powered Japanese cars, I'd go for either the Skyline or possibly an Evo VIII as these in my mind are the best allround high spec Asian cars with extreamly decent 0-62 times, amazing top speeds and they're also good on the bends to boot. The Impreza would also be up there with the best of them although I think they're too over rated these days and if this question had been asked a couple of years ago when Subaru made the Bug eyed Impreza It wouldn't even be on my list!

posted by  Cliffy

Sorry, should have been more specific.

Ok, motorex overcharges like hell, no way anyone should have to pay 100k for the Skyline, f*** that. Yes, im asking only for Japanese imports.

I want the best car that is fast, has comfortable seats (seat 4 if possible), has good trunk space and mpg for everday use, easily tunable, has good looks, and is affordable (make it under $60k). Lets narrow it down only to stock cars or upgrades already installed by the manufacturer.

posted by  importluva

There are several sources, outside of the motorex rip off site, were you can get a Skyline for considerably less then 100K. As for even comparing an Evo or STi to a Skyline, well that is ludicrous.

The STi is often rated second when compared to an Evo (Edmunds, R&D). The Evo is fast stock, and makes a good tuner, but as any honest Mitsu owner will tell you, keeping them running is the hard part. I especially know this because I worked as a service advisor for a Mitsu dealer.

I would personally scratch all of those vehicles from my list. The Skyline would just cost too much and it would be a bear to get any parts for it. Personally, I would get the G35 AWD. It has a functioning back seat, large trunk, and gets 18/26 mpg. It has a N/A engine (260 hp, 260 Ft/lbs) which is not producing anything near its true potential. The engine is dead reliable and is 100K mi. maintenance free. It has a timing chain and not a damn belt that needs to be changed every 60K. The ATTESA E-TS AWD system is superior to both the Evo and STI. The amount of technology on the G35 is disgusting and it is just waiting to be “woken up”.

The G35 stickers at 31K and simple inexpensive mods will make it outperform most cars on the road. Just remember this is car is based on the new Skyline chassis and uses the same AWD system as the Skyline. It is also the car that broke BMW’s car of the year reign (Motortrend).

Hope this helps ya in your quest for driving excitement.

posted by  Z-man_Dan

Finally, this thread is producing some good info.
So you are saying the infinity is very similar to the skyline, and for $31 grand!!! Thats awesome. Thats the kind of info im lookin for. Thanks man, ill check it out.

posted by  importluva

where would the TT 300hp 300zx rank in this.... is a stock Twin Turbo 300ZX better than the STI and the EVo?? it has more hp and weighs ~3,500lb's, 0 - 60 5secs flat... but then again so does the EVO... and lets not forget the 350z

posted by  jzxTT

How about we do forget the 350Z? It doesn't quite fit four comfortably now does it?

posted by  snoopewite

Can somebody answer a question for me? What is it about ricers or maybe it's children, I suspect there's a huge overlap between the two groups, that makes the question 'which car is best' so fascinating?

Do you realize that when you ask that question you create so many clarifying questions as to make it totally unanswerable? I will give importluva credit, he did put some parameters on this but still... For who, where, when, etc, etc, etc. It's still far too broad to really answer, unless you're only looking for opinions. If that's the case say so in the question. Ask 'what do you think is the best car' or 'what is your favorite car' or 'what 4-door sedan priced under $50k has the highest top speed'. Those are only examples of how to ask an opinion (first two) or a specific question (last one).

Come on guys, let's not sound like second graders on the playground. Let's make an effort to ask good thought out questions which will always lead to better answers.

posted by  vwhobo


very well then. ill do my best.

Im looking for a sports car that is practical (trunk space, atleast 20 mpg, comfortably seating 4) but still good enough to win some races (AWD or RWD, good handling, ~300 hp give or take 50). Assume we are considering only stock cars or upgrades already installed by the manufacturer. Regarding the price, how low can you go :oops: Also, since this is the asian imports forum, lets stick to japanese cars in US only.
Edit: Im checkin out the G35 right now

posted by  importluva

Wow, thanks for that marvelous insight on how to ask a proper question. I guess us "ricers" or "children" are not as advanced, intellectually, as you Euro-tuners. We should all reflect on today's lesson so we may better ourselves, and our communication skills. I now understand that a forum must have nothing but distinct questions. Questions that can be answered immediately, without debate, or the possibility for the advancement of our understanding of the possible alternatives. Thank you so much for that fantastic lesson on the proper way to ask a question. I honestly feel that I can now leave my bucket and shovel in the sand box since I am now all grown-up.

My next forum will probably be What spark plug would be best to use in my 1994 Nissan 240SX when I drive in the desert (Death Valley elevation is 102 feet above sea level), in the middle of summer (temperature at 115.2-120.5 deg.), the humidity level is at exactly 12% and the engine operating temperature is precisely 130 deg. The engine has a volumetric efficiency of 30% with an exhaust gas temperature of 625.3 deg.

I think that would make for a fascinating thread. OH NO! I forgot to specify what unit of measurement I was using for temperature. Oh well, I guess its back to the sand box.

Ps. I think your Bug is cute.

posted by  Z-man_Dan

delete your double post

posted by  mazda6man

bout time someone took the time to say something... c'mon hobo .. chill out bro.. not every ones a 36~ year old Mr. know it all

posted by  jzxTT

hey there, i know you said,

BUT, I can't resist mentioning these cars as they rule so much, well anyway, have you thought of say an Audi S4 or an RS6? Either meets all your needs, they have quattro (AWD), S4 has like 340hp and RS6 450 plus the manual versions are 6spd. I'm just assuming that the states has them and they should be below 100k (definitely for S4 but don't quote me on the RS6).

heres a link to info on S4 plus pic

posted by  pdog

not to mention this thread is in the asian car forum... so i dont think it was intended to really go out of asian cars

posted by  mazda6man

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