Are these dometics?

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Just wanted to see if people think these are domestics

posted by  Spanky2324

Yep they are

posted by  99integra

Made a post in the other answer is no.

posted by  hondaman

No way, they're all based in Japan, and I don't think that htey're made over here, but I could be wrong about that.

posted by  jedimario

Many parts of them are made here...possibly the full car in some cases. But I still don't consider them domestics.

posted by  hondaman

acura is nothing more than luxury honda to be sold in america, infinity is luxury nissan to be sold in america, and lexus is luxury toyotato be sold in america... i think they do it like that because noone would think of a honda, toyota, or nissan to really have a luxury car, so they have to sell it with another name... they are imports but with different names manufactured in the states... you cant say that the RSX (integra), NSX, and IS300 (altezza) are domestic cars... cuz they are all japanese

posted by  mazda6man

imo, both and neither, so i wont vote. they are just the, for lack of a better term, "overseas, luxury domestic" versions of their japanese selves. keep in mind, some of the models sold as, for example, as infinitis are not sold in japan as nissans, or anywhere for that matter. meanwhile, some infinitis ARE sold as nissans in japan. its something that would have to go into deep detail. but i stand by my opinion.

posted by  Inygknok

Come on now, theyre imports. A way u could tell would be to see the price difference of the nation that its made by and that of an imported nation. I just made thart up but i did have an italian friend who said bmw and stuuf like that are cheaper in his country.

posted by  Walt

Just because they were invented for, and aimed AT the US market doesn't make them domestics here. None of the companies are domestic companies, and precious few of the actual cars they sell are actually made with primarily domestic sourced parts. Lexus especially, is available worldwide (including in Japan now).

They are primarily american market, luxury arms of Japanese manufacturers. That makes them Japanese.

The major point is, why care? I certainly don't (and I hope to piss off some domestic fanboys by putting this engine in my Comet:

posted by  ChrisV

^ what they all are saying. those are all imports, similar vehicles are sold throughout the world incl. japan. end of discussion.

posted by  importluva

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