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Im trying to decide on what jap car to buy. Im think of a 94-97 honda accord, a nissan maxima, or maybe a civic. What is the best model for each and what has the highest horsepower. Basically what do you think would be the best car to buy and mod?

posted by  IDLE

Accord!!!!!! :thumbs:

I have a 96 Accord LX.

Get an LX they are the non-vtec engines so they are cheaper compared to the vtec EX. 130 hp compared to the 150 hp vtec engines.

The engine adds 15 hp while the exhaust adds 10. But the EX is heavier than the LX and the power to weight ratio is better so the LX is about alittle less than a second faster. :thumbs:

posted by  GonnaDie4TheGov

I would honestly take the Maxima, they are an extremely underrated car. I have driven several of these cars, they have tons of power on tap and still manage 30+ mpg (the V6). In my opinion they're an amazing amount of car and performance for the money. But there's not much of an aftermarket following for them. There's little stuff, but you should honestly consider how much money you're going to place toward modifications anyway.

posted by  Bino

if he has the 5th gen accord and civic in there im sure he doesn't have enough money for the v6 maxima. thats why i told him to get the accord.

posted by  GonnaDie4TheGov

What's your budget? But from those cars go for the Maxima :thumbs:

posted by  chris_knows

Yes, but the EX has more passing power and better handling...depends on whether you're after a city car or more of a cruiser...either way you really can't do badly with an Accord, they are good cars. 0-60 is only .4 seconds difference lol, not sure where almost a second came from. Fuel economy is good too, LX and DX get about 33 highway and EX gets 31 (mpg).

posted by  hondaman

Integra's are good cars too. :mrgreen:

posted by  GreekWarrior

Ok so the maxima is faster then the accord but not much for after market and the accord lx is the better of the accords? Ok ive been looking at the accord and maximas and im deffinately leaning toward the 4 cyl accord because parts are cheaper and theres alot more as far as mods go. The maximas and accord around here all all about the same price.

posted by  IDLE

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