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I'm new here to this forum and I thought you import guys are the ones to talk to. Heres my dilima, 92 Dodge Daytona 3.0 v6 manual trans. I've got the skills to fab my turbo setup, I'm using a hybrid turbo and probably going to start with about 8 to 12 psi( motor is 9.5 to 1 stock).My problem is the computer system is notorious for being picky as to mods, not enough fuel cure I believe. So I've been looking at piggy back ecms Ie. Emanage,Apexi. And I am wondering what else is out there.I am already planing on using a boost reference fuel pressure regulator, replacing the map with a 2bar and upping the injectors from 19 to 27s. I really don't want to go full aftermarket computer. Dodge did make a limited number of turbo v6's in 93 I believe but it was only like 800, a freind has one and its factory 325 horse. With my present mods(larger throttle body, cold air intake, ported intake, full exaust, mustang fuel pump,Msd 6al)

posted by  jimbob

Belongs in Domestic.

posted by  Oomba

Cheapest programmable ECU is the Megasquirt but for a turbocharged engine it's rather limited as it only has a 8 x 8 map. But combined with a Ford EDIS (electronic distributorless ignition system) you can also map the ignition timing.

Next up is the Piggy back fuel controllers but I'm not sure whether you can adjust the ignition timing. I doubt the Apexi AFC has this function but the Greddy E-Manage might.

And if you like to splash out then a full house ECU like MOTEC with boost control built in and data logging are the ones to buy. But unless you're going all out then it's not worth the extra trouble.

There are plenty of other programmable ECU's on the market.

posted by  fudge

Haltech, motec, AEM, microtech...........

posted by  Inygknok

You can go down the piggyback route, but it will never be as satisfactory as a third party ECU.

Motec will probably be overkill for your application. Haltech and Autronic are very good units too. Look at more economical models like Microtech, Wolf3dV4+, etc to see if they will suit.

I have built the megasquirt and for what it does, it's very good.

posted by  Wally

Also check into Uberdata and Chrome. These are DIY ECU mods and software that allow to do realtime tuning yourself as well as download MAPs from others around the country or i guess even the world :2cents:

posted by  airmanUSN

I know its a domestic but its a Mitsu motor...same short block as 3000gt.Plus you import guys know alot more about power adders and computer mods.

posted by  jimbob

I wouldnt say that, alot of the threads around here is bullshitting.

posted by  Oomba

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