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OK, I'm new to cars, and this is going to be my first...I'm 19. My grandmother is going to pay cash for a car of my choice and I definitly fell in love with the Honda Accord Coupe 2006 with or without the navigation, doesn't really bug me.

The trim I want is the Automatic EX V-6, which starts at $27,400. My grandmother prolly won't go above $23,000 or $24,500, will I be able to negociate and make them bring it down that much or is that too much?

Any feedback would be greatly appreciated...

Thanks a lot


posted by  Teflon MacLeod

get the car, anybody who gets relatives to pay for a car should, like, accept. better yet, take the money and buy a used porsche, the leftover money should cover gas and insurance, for a while...

posted by  Slapshot

wait... she gives you $24,000?!? gaaaaa... don't buy the 2006 honda accord, no matter how "luxurious" it is. even without the extra financing options you get from the dealership, along with the warranty you could buy an even better car used! :mrgreen: :mrgreen: You could get a supra twin turbo, add mods, make it go hell of fast. owell, u probably shoulda told everyone what you were looking for in a car before posting, so I'll wait!

posted by  Slapshot

woah, it's fun posting... Macleod, that was my 7th grade math teacher's last name. maybe u now her? probably not, i hate it when people do that, immediatly think you know someone if they have the same last name, owell. she didn't like me mutch, i spent lotsa time "out of the class". sometimes in the office.

posted by  Slapshot

lolol that's funny. But can someone bring down the price that much from $27,500 to like $23,000 (paying CASH)?

posted by  Teflon MacLeod

depends on hondas market situation. and if peeps like the new accords. since honda is like, expanding like crazy and the 2006 are new, the dealer could possibly begin marking up the cars even higher, they won't go that low as long as consumers are still shelling out their money, and my guess is they will be. dropping the price that low would be hard o do, even at a GM dealership.

posted by  Slapshot

Theres a good idea. **** the Honda dude. Get an older 911 or 911 turbo.

posted by  SlipKnoT

If you like Honda luxury, look at a lightly used '04 or maybe possibly '05 Acura TL. Faster, more luxury features and even carrying the Acura name.

posted by  hondaman

I suggest forgetting about a new EX V6. You wont be able to get one for $23,000 or close to that...navi ones start at over $29,000 with non navi at just over $27,000. You see, Honda, especially on their brand new (just released) vehicles doesnt go below msrp normally. People are paying $1000-$1500 OVER msrp for new 06 Civics as I type this. After taxes/title an EX V6 sedan w/o navi will run you at least $28k. Honda wont go probably more than $1000-$1500 below msrp for quite a few months on the 06 Accords. You might be able to get one down to $25k, if you really have connections...but that's still BEFORE taxes/title.

My suggestion, since it seems you want a relatively new vehicle and all these tards are suggesting 10-15 year old vehicles with not much luxury to speak of, I'd take a look at a 01-03 TL Type-S. Will have a little more punch (or about the same) as the 06 Accord, just as good interior but even better handling. Plus, you can easily find one of these in the $22k range.

As to the person who suggested a used 04 TL...That's insane, those things are still selling for $27k-$28k+ (new they were $32k+). No way will you find an 04 TL for under $23k unless it has 100,000 miles and the engine was replaced.

posted by  thunderbird1100

I stand corrected...maybe '03 was what I was thinking...

posted by  hondaman

I would go for the 06 SI or maybe an old M series BMW :hi:

posted by  99integra

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