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I have noticed that the Internet is littered with debates on whether or not a SR20DET is superior to a turbocharged KA24DE motor. I am, however, confused on why this debate even exists. Therefore, I am posting this thread to find out what I must be missing.

I feel that there is absolutely no contest; the SR20DET motor is a far superior racing motor. It seems like this debate is comparing apples to oranges.

Here is my rationale.

Horsepower: The SR creates far more horsepower then a turbocharged KA. Although the KA has a 25% increase in displacement, the displacement is found in the stroke. The larger stroke limits the KA’s ability to rev as high as the SR. Since HP = Torque(RPM)/5252 (torque @ a given RPM is multiplied by that RPM, then the answer is divided by 5252) higher revs will create higher HP readings. (You will notice on graphs that all engines have the same horsepower and torque at 5252 RPM’s).

Torque: The KA obviously creates far more low-end torque (created by the bigger stroke). Since torque is what moves you, you would think the KA would be the better choice. The SR, however, can easily overcome this loss in low-end torque. Since the KA redlines at approximately 6,000 RPM’s and the SR at 7,500 RPM’s the SR can create more low-end torque. How, you ask? Well there are two kinds of torque, engine torque and gear torque. The KA produces more engine torque and since the SR revs higher it can use a lower gear ratio too build more gear torque. The gear torque quickly increases the total torque output in a vehicle. Therefore, with the 25% increase in RPM’s, the SR can produce comparable low-end torque.

Weight: Obviously, this is a huge concern for any racer. Lighter weight means quicker acceleration, deceleration, and better handling. The SR is an all aluminum construction, while the KA has an iron block.

Technology: The KA is a truck engine. It uses a distributor and is fuel injected. That is about the extent of its technology. The SR has direct ignition, and continuously variable valve timing (late model SR’s). This technology will give the SR a flatter torque curve then the KA.

I know the saying goes, “There is no replacement for cubic displacement.” but, I would take the SR over the KA any day of the week. Besides, what would you rather have? A big block NASCAR engine or a F1 engine?

With that said, I await to hear what I missed about the performance benefits of a KA.

posted by  Z-man_Dan

though the KA motor has been getting kind of popular as of late, the SR is better (mine an many people's opinion anyways)

posted by  mazda6man

<----is lost like a foreigner in one of our uber-neighborhoods of 2000+ homes

posted by  SuperJew

Personally, I prefer the XR48ROS21-GT. It puts out some serious hp!

posted by  BavarianWheels

I know what the Ka is but I have no clue as to what the other thingy is.

posted by  Satty101

sr20det is the silvia engine

posted by  mazda6man

?? ive never heard of anyone saying the Ka's better than the sr20... as far as i know the KA is the American 240sx engine..... the sr20 is an import...... even a turbo charged KA cant compare to a stock sr20det (S15[250hp]) .. ... y dont we make it fair... a turbo charged sr20 vs. a turbo charged ka24... so this goes back to American vs. import.. we all know who owns who... :laughing: ..... what American made car beats a 1350hp skyline???????????

posted by  jzxTT

im more on the import side, but lets not even start this

posted by  mazda6man

Yes, the KA is the Nissan engine they place in a Silvia and called it a 240SX. The debate I often hear, however, is that you can get cheaper performance by just turbocharging the KA (since you don't have to buy the SR motor and installation kit). It just seems to me that this is a foolish thing to do. Why upgrade a truck engine? I just do not understand the rationale.

posted by  Z-man_Dan

When I say the KA engine is a Nissan engine I do mean that it too is an import engine. So we are discussing two import engines.

posted by  Z-man_Dan

(i could b wrong) nissan usa makes the KA and nissan Jpn makes the sr20.. :ticking:

posted by  jzxTT

Skyline Gets 'Owned'! ( /0305em_turbo_bb/)

posted by  snoopewite

that motor is insane! piping everywhich wayhuge pistons, and burl turbos... "sick witted"

posted by  mazda6man

owned by....... :screwy:
"this is my little bro.. "

posted by  jzxTT

Does that make sense to anyone other than jzxTT?

posted by  snoopewite

hahahaha... im a dumbass... only in this thread though... and dont say anything vwhobo.. i can smell a comment from u a mile away
"this is my little bro..."

posted by  jzxTT would be the only knowing the smell of his "asswhole."

posted by  BavarianWheels

No one has given their opinion. The only thing that I've seen is "The KA comes from America and the SR20 comes from Japan!" Comeon people, quit copying posts!

The SR20DET seems to be the better of the two engines. Just like the Silvia is the better of the 2 cars. The Silvia is just made better, IMO. Don't get me wrong, I like both, the 240 and Silvia, but prefer the Silvia.

posted by  Vassar

I agree, The SR20 is an awsome engine. Best 4cyl [opinion](S15)

posted by  jzxTT

it costs more to swap out a ka24DE and swap in an SR20det than it does to turbo the ka24DE. besides you dont need real High revs to make power, thats just plain SILLY. all engines have something called a powerband and if you stay within that powerband your fine. if i got a 240sx id stick with the ka motor simply because torque is your friend on the street. and it can be as competitive as the sr.

Ummmm..... the silvia and the 240sx are the Exact same car, differences arent that big, ones rhd ones lhd, one has a turbo motor one has a n/a motor. They are Very different cars. i dont even know why you said that.....the looks are exterior only, They share the same damn body and chassie

posted by  Arthur

But the sr20 is still a lot better. regardless of how much $$$ will be spent.

posted by  jzxTT

The differences are the front and rear ends, the basic looks of the car and the engine. :banghead:

posted by  Vassar

Look bone stock a sr20det is a better engine than a Ka24de even if you turbo charge the Ka24. But like the saying "there's no replacement for Displacement" goes which I belive is true, what you should do is build both a Sr and a Ka to see with is better. I believe the Ka will be better. Oh and another thing I would love to see a Skyline as nice as they are beat a top Fuel dragster or a funnycar. Which won't ever happen unless you put a american big block or the next best thing which is a Toyota V8. Show me and I'll bow down to you. Plus it takes more power to push fours wheels than two Ok. I have seen 1125 hp Skylines but i have also seen 3,000 to 6223hp american beasts ok. Thakn you.

posted by  kazmihasi

you said bone! *beavis and butt-head laugh*

posted by  SuperJew

KA24DE (non turbo) also found its way into Altimas from 1993 until 2001

posted by  tbaxleyjr

Here in the US many states are becoming very emissions strict. And the SR may not pass any visual or emmission inspection the Emmissions testers may perform. Plus the SR20DET is not legal for Daily Use.

Also one engine is not better than the other. It just depends on your application. Yes the SR is a higher revving engie due to it's shorter stroke and the KA is a more Torquey engine. But that does not make one better than the other.

However because the 240SX is an almost perfect drift car many people are just leaving the KA in and upgrading the suspension.

Just my :2cents:

posted by  Enan

thanks for sticking up for the ka24de! although this may be my first post on this board, i post on many 240sx forums, and the other day when searching for some decent detailed information on the ka24de came upon this, a horrible misleading thread about sr20det vs ka24de! the ka24de is built just as strong as the sr20de, as in, forged internals, piston cooling oil squrters, closed deck block, and the iron block of coures- stronger than an aluminum block! also the small combustion chamber design (due to the smallish bore) helps minimize chances of detonation and chamber hot spots, making it a perfect shoe in for turbocharging, and making me wonder why nissan didnt turbo it and put it into silvias and the like! i know the tuners in japan would have LOVED it, as they have been stroking/boring out the sr20det's for years, trying to extract more displacement and thus more horsepower and a better powerband, on LESS boost (more reliable)! anyways, for example, i have a ka24det that makes 270whp and 280wtq @ 8psi of boost, with no chances of detonation.....unless maybe its 120degrees outside or something insane like that......scc's project silvia made 270whp @ like what, 17psi or something like that? thats some serious boost to push through any engine, and is quite hard on it, even though its such a stout engine!

as for revability issues and you guys argueing about powerbands, my ka24det has a revlimiter @ 7500rpm, and it pulls hard right up till that limiter! the rod/stroke ratio on the ka24de, at 1.72:1 (or so) is BETTER than that on the sr20det's rod ratio, and thus complaining that the long stroke keeps it from revving is completely bogus!

just food for thought on all you ka24de haters! its just as thoroughly engineered and good an engine as the sr20's are, nissan just though us fat americans needed a little more torquey oomf down low to get us moving :laughing:
well thats my .02 cents. , feel free to comment and point out errors ill be happy to discuss any issues......

posted by  sage

im clueless about the "skyline owns..." thing too
we americans (even though im canadian :thumbs: ) could waste any jap car at the dragstrip

posted by  nitehawk_87 american, and with the proper $$$$$$$ (and thus components and engineers and testing etc. etc.), any car could beat any other car.....but it wouldnt even be the same car anymore! as for the jap car vs. american car debate, what are you comparing? if you compare a modified viper to a modified skyline, they will be very close on a roadcourse, skyline being easier to drive of course, the skyline will own the dragstrip, and the skyline will stop better. looks are all relative, the skyline will get way better gas mileage, and be more comfortable (vipers have bad ergonomics and an angled driving position.) its just a pointless debate!
there are pro drag racers that are running 6's now i believe, with the infamous toyota supra motor. thats as good as the pro racers running fi v8' whatever. :laughing:
i just love cars, speed, and smoking rubber!

posted by  sage

jzxTT, click the link. here, i'll give it again:

PWNAGE!! ( /0305em_turbo_bb/)

that's how the skyline gets pwned strong time... yeah... just informing, not arguing

posted by  JeffGodOfBiskut

Ok, we all make typo's, once, but the same typo twice?...or was that deliberate? :banghead: :wink2:

posted by  Cliffy

Internet ghetto lingo. Language of the ignorant.

posted by  BavarianWheels

no brainer here, sr20>>>ka anyday. and why botherwith 600+ hp, it's pointless and pure insanity.

posted by  importluva

you say it is cheaper to turbo a ka but in the long run its not. none of the internal are forged. so in the long run it would be better to spend the 2-3k on an sr or 3-4k to fix and fully build a ka. do get me wrong i love my ka but unless my ka was fully built i wouldn't turbo it.that a good way to screw up a great drift car.

posted by  dsc4130

ummmm....the S15 sr20 does not pump out 250hp naturally aspirated. Its turbo as well, i just want to correct people who think that the SR20 is NA. DO NOT START WITH THE AMERICAN VS IMPORT STUFF AGAIN!! Every car has its own pros and cons, you cannot compare one car to another, just admire and respect them both. If anyone had enough money you can make any car beat any other car. BTW, skylines do not own the drag strip, even though im a skyline freak, the skyline is special because of its ATTESA system, not because of its power. Muslce cars can own skylines on the drag strip, no matter what. Max on skyline is around 1500hp, max on most muslce cars 5000hp. But a real race with turns, now that is what you want to see. :D

anyways thats my :2cents:

posted by  aerith

thats my kind of race right there... my view on races = no turns, no watch (unless im really bored)

posted by  mazda6man

old thread, i know.

noone mentioned that most all 240SX's have over 100,000 miles. Even finding a '98 with under 70,000 is rare. Personally, my 1993 S13 Hatch just clocked 186,000. Theres no way in hell i'd consider slapping a turbo kit on that motor now... Turboing a KA would be allright but in fact it would be so much more work... Getting the KADE ready for turbo would mean uprated rod/main bearings, uprated head gasket and lower compression pistons, cylinder hone and uprated rings and an uprated clutch. Then there's the "while im at it's" which can entail port and polish, more agressive cams, better head studs... etc... thats easily over a grand in parts plus work or money to have someone do it for you PLUS the $3000 GReddy kit.

Then there's the SR20DET. A typical S14 blacktop (newer, less miles, larger turbo) entire front clip is at most around $3300 shipped, and, given you are technically able and have the tools and space, is a mere long weekend's worth of work involving no hairy engine building process. Remove both motors, install SR20DET motor (with new clutch, +$250), side mount intercooler, radiator, and wiring harness with minimal fabrication along the way into the USDM chassis and Bam: you have a 'stock' 205hp 240sx at 7psi. Get a boost controller, fmic kit and cams and get ready to see reliable 240RWHP and high 12's all day.

Then sell your KA24DE in the local paper for $100. :clap: :2cents:

posted by  neil

heh, good thing this thread got brought back. there IS such a thing as the NA version of the SR20DET. Sentra SE-R's form the late 80's have it. theres actually quite a few models with the engine, but thats the first one that comes to mind.

posted by  Inygknok

umm? surly that wouldn't be a det then would it? if its n/a? at least not a "t" i mean.

don't mean to pick hairs.

posted by  Unlicensed

read wat i said. i said there was an NA version of the SR20DET. meaning that yes, there is such a thing as an SR20DE. someone said that the sr20's only came in a turbo trim, and i corrected them by saying that there was an NA version of that engine.

posted by  Inygknok

the ka is a great engine. If you guys would read sport compact car you would know this. All you need for a KA24DET is of course a turbo kit, new pistons and rods (check out jim wolf, and some cams. And you'll have way more torqure then a SR could ever give u.

posted by  alms

Ka is a good engine, the only reason why it doesnt make the amount of horses like the sr does, is because of the stroke, its just too much compression for that little engine to be turbocharged, granite if it was brought to the full potential, it would be a fine engine. But the sr20 just doent have the problems like the Ka24. Though the Ka can have all the problems fixed, be a good engine, you could always get a JUN stroker kit and get the power of the sr20 and the torque of the Ka24, then replace the turbo and some usual things, i.e.- cams, ignition, valvetrain, stuff like that. and you would have a monster.

posted by  s13_Drifter


I saw a Nissan Sylvia at lunch today with a huge NISMO sticker on the rear quarter must be a fast car!

posted by  BavarianWheels

sr20det is a great engine in the sylvia, but I hate it in the nissan gti-r. slow as school custard down the wall!

as far as drifting engines go though, i still prefer the rb20det from the r32 skylines. I'm not an experianced drifter or anything, but i find it easyer in the old r32 skyline to the s13 sylvia we have here at the moment.

posted by  Unlicensed

Dude if you never heard anyone said the ka is better than the sr20, well, I have.(although i do love the sr20, You people are making it look bad :banghead: ). Any way, you only say that the sr20 is better is becuase it's an import engine!!! And dude have you ever seen or heard anything about a turbocharged ka. Those things can be hitting in the 10 secound. The best i've ever heard of a sr20det (built by proffesional) hit in the low 12 sec. ANNNNNND, as you can see now, GREDDY has made a turbo kit for the ka24de, I think they saw something in that engine when they stared into it, Soooooooo, i guess part of japan think the ka24 is as good as a sr20det. I am not hear to say that the ka is any better than the sr20 like you nut head. I love the both silvia and 240sx. I respect both cars and only compare and kill Hondas :cussing: with them. Why should we put the same cars in a conflict???

posted by  TiCKD

you guys are nuts. knocking the KA cause its based on what was originally a truck engine?

i guess you folks never heard of a little thing called a ford lightning.

personally i don't like either of them. i don't see any perfect motors for my application. i want 250 NA hp to the wheels WITH the same torque. the SR's valvetrain is GLASS and you JDM junkies don't even know it. the KA is a tank compared to the SR. its perfect but the powerband is a lot less linear than most motors due to its torquey nature.

i want a 350Z powerplant in my sub 2700 lb car but a KA-T will do me just fine.

the retardation of humanity constantly amazes me.

p.s. any of you that think "drifting" has anything significantly to do with the powerplant you're wrong and should be punished for beign a retarded fanboy.

posted by  MakotoS13

IMO the KA is superior in the turbo form. Its internals are strong as hell and will run 15 psi easily stock. Not to mention if those are replaced you can easily see huge #'s.... don't believe me? check out The owner just dynoed his ka24det at 29 PSI and hit 535 hp, however torque wasnt accurate because during the run his had so much power his tires spun on the dyno wheels causing much lower than real #'s (not to mention his clutch gave out at around 5200 rpms while his #'s where still rising). BTW to correct ur first mistake the 240sx redlines at 6500 rpm's so there is only a 1k difference. The power of a KA-T i think is truly underestimated. You all claim that the SR20det is like a saviour compared to it but in reality how many SR20dets can be built by an individual to hit the 10 second mark? I have seen (yeah as in person and watched them race) 2 different individuals and their KA-T projects hit 9.89 and the other was 10.12 (<- had tire slip at start even w/ drag slicks). O and Neil i own a 1996 240sx SE w/ only 54k miles ty very much.

I do give the SR20det credit when it comes to drift and auto x. That is truly where that extra 1k rpm's will become beneficial.

And for my final point, DXC4130 you are a true moron :banghead: . $3500 will get u a t3/t40E turbo +all components (injectors, ignition kit, piggyback unit, forged low compression pistons, forged rods, 18x12x3 intercooler + piping, ect.). For 3500 on an s14 blacktop sr20det u get the engine plus install and maybe 1-2 mods (how about a boost controller and new IC if ur lucky and get good prices).... now lets compare those #'s.

SR20DET for $3500: (est.): 275 hp if ur have a nicely tuned rom... but wait that costs more so lets even it off at 250 hp... at maybe 10 PSI but u cant go much higher because ur turbo wont handle above 12-13 PSI. so lets throw in another 1k for a new turbo and finally u can run around the 300's.

KA24DE-T for $3500 ($3564.11 to be exact): (est): 320 hp at 12 PSI. Yes i have the dynos sitting in my hands for these #'s from my local 240 car clubs leader.

I don't discount the SR20Det because i do believe it is a good motor for some applications or events. However in the drag and sheer power it is inferior to the KA-T.

posted by  MrBojangles

I like the SR20, a good drift engine. Here in Australia we don't get the KA24.

posted by  GreekWarrior

once again cant disagree. the sr20 is the better of the 2 for drifting.

posted by  MrBojangles

Um how about a domestic top fuel dragster? they make what a lil bit under 8k hp (estimated because no dyno will read even half of that) and launch acceleration is a lil under 8g's. meaning this dragster gets to 335 mph around 4.5 seconds (record being 4.477 seconds)..... thats an american made car that just owned the shit outta ur skyline. so truly now.... who does own who?

posted by  MrBojangles

Ok, I know this has undoubtedly been said, but here is my two cents on this topic.
Knocking tha ka24de because it was formerly in trucks is probably the dumbest shit I've ever heard. They are obviously reliable and BUILT to take the beating of a turbo.
Also: to do an engine swap for an engine with less reliability and les potential would be a large waste of time, and if you are aiming for performance, you will not do so. Only JDM fanboys do sr20 swaps.
Oh yeah, I'm assuming we are discussing the redtop 200hp sr20, right? Because the blacktop s15 sr20det engine ****in BUCKS (250hp)
Yes, the ka24 has a more narrow powerband, but its torque as heck, perfect for drifting, light to light races, or whatever else except highspeed races.
One last point: if you do an sr20 swap, and anything goes wrong, you will have to special order all of the (extremely) expensive parts. Everything from air filters to a new master cylinder, and you will have to do all the work yourself (very few shops know wtf to do with a jdm engine, especially a turbo sr20)
So in conclusion, ka24 pwns.

posted by  b_DuB13

Even though i do support the Ka24Det, but you argue out of ignorance :banghead: :banghead: :banghead: . First of all u talk about drifting yet u know nothing about it. A wide powerband is needed for drifting because in the middle of a drift the last thing u want to do is have to shift. While depressing the clutch your tires would stop getting power and regain traction when you are still sideways. Trust me not a fun way to go through a corner.
Second of all you act like the only performance parts you can get for a sr20 is through Nissan or Nismo. You must be kidding me! Performance parts for the sr20det are more common than the ones for the Ka24Det. This is because companies really havent found the potential in the Ka yet and designed parts for them.

I still support the KA-T over the SR20 but i feel the general obligation to give ppl accurate information on this. You apparently enjoy talking with no knowledge whatsoever. Way ta go! :thumbs:

posted by  MrBojangles

Sorry, but I have very little experience in drifiting (obviously) I've watched plenty of videos and read plenty of articles, but the only hands on experience I have is mostly drag or road racing.
I'm a huge drift enthusiast, but have absolutely no money for the sets and sets of tires that it takes to participate reguraly.
Also, I do realize that availability for sr20's and parts are increasing, but currently are not as abundant as you insist they are. All I know is my friend has a 97 with ka24 and has never had trouble finding parts, including a turbo kit.
Anywho, I opted to avoid both and go rb20det. :D

P.s. I hope you are not looking for a flame war. I joined these forums to learn more, which you certainly have assisted me in doing. I greatly Appreciate the knowledge that you have freely shared with me and the other CF'ers.

posted by  b_DuB13

I currently own a 96 240sx and of course have been debating swaping w/sr but recently had a change of heart cause it seems just plane ignorant to swap out a perfectly good engine. Anyway, im curious as to what turbo kit you think is the best, and where i could purchase one? My 240 has 82k on the car and im also curious as to what else i need besides whats included in the kit... Any info is much appretiated cause my head is starting to hurt from all the info on this topic.... :cussing: :banghead: :cussing:

posted by  dank-ka

It depends what your goning to use the care for, if it's just for crusing or a daily driver then as you said there's not reason to swap out a perfectly good engine. However if you wanted to start drifting the sr20 would be the wiser choice.

posted by  GreekWarrior

you people are retarded. arguing about a motor that needs a huge powerband to make power for this faggot drifting craze? eff drifting and all you SR20 JDM fanboys.

what breaks tires loose? torque. quess what displacement gives: torque.

i've seen people with stock KA open diffs outshine guys just like all of you preaching for the almighty glass valvetrained SR...

get a 500hp longblock KAT and call it a day.

posted by  MakotoS13

Get a 1000hp OS GIKEN RB30DETT and call it a day. :mrgreen:

posted by  GreekWarrior

As torque seems to have become the measure of performance amongst internet rev heads, perhaps you can clarify why displacement gives torque? I am interested because I thought pistons moved in a linear motion, not annular.

posted by  Wally

sr is way overrated .red top sr makes 205 hp at the crank (stock ) which is 170whp , there is a lot of ka24de engines with boltons that make 150-165whp. turbo ka with greddy kit + intercooler and you have 220 whp @7psi all for 3000$ and very nice power band , full boost from 3500 rpms ,low rpm torq. here is link to dyno slips of some ka running different kit

this ka is making 247 whp at only 8 psi . your stock sr can't make this kind of power on stock turbo , maybe 220-230whp if you are lucky @ 16 psi .
so if you have low milage ka (under 100k) it would be cheeper to buy greddy kit and have 220whp , nice tq + smoke legal wich some of us care a lot
everything for about 3000$ :)

posted by  lelek

The SR20 is not good because of top end power it's good because its a well balanced engine, that's why it's a favourate among drifters.

posted by  GreekWarrior

LoL this is still going..
Here in Australia.. We don't give a fark for KA24 :smoke: And why would we? Why would u bother to rip out a sr20det and drop in a KA24DE..

posted by  57ock

Damn I can't beleive this topic went on for this long.

If you live in Australia or Japan your opinion should'nt be held to any validity because you've probably never even seen a KA motor. If you live in a country where the SR20 is offered as the stock motor, stick with that. Its the better choice costwise and the better efficientwise.

If you live in the Americas(like myself) it depends on what you want to do. If you are into heavy drag racing stick with the KA. If you like to autocross and drift the SR20 is better suited for that application.

Theres not much discrepancy as they have been written in stone by all 240SX experts alike. Iregardless to what any one would say, if you have the money mods for the KA motor can be easily bought.

Again if you live in America. KA for Drag/SR for DRift. It can not get any simpler.

posted by  DSMer

sorry bud they put the engine in WAY MORE cars than just a silvia, shoes how rice you are. no offense dude but nissan puts the same engiens in bunches of cars, look at the new VQ35DE is in something like 4 or 5 cars i think

posted by  darkhorse

They use it in the Bluebird, GTi-R,and the Siliva.

posted by  DSMer

This thead is never going to die. :banghead:

posted by  GreekWarrior

ever see a 500hp KAT?

i wont put an SR in my car cause the KA just has so much more potential due to its truck heritage. the first sports cars had TRUCK motors.. why? torque.

one of the best drifters i know personally uses a STOCK KA24DE. all of you ricer JDM fetish retards can suck on that and call it sundae.

posted by  MakotoS13

OMG 500hp... You serious... Farkkkkk.. :clap:
Pfff who gives a shit about 500hp

posted by  57ock

Any serious autmotive enthuisiast and automaker. How many cars do you see driving arround with 500HP stock? Hell how many cars do you own that have 500HP stock. Even better, how many 500HP 4-cylinder cars have you produced?

If by now you have'nt realized, 500HP is an extraordinary ammount of power to come from anything short of 8 cylinders. Anyone can obviously conclude that from your ignorant statements you're not very in-"tune" with the tuning world.

posted by  DSMer

lol....... that ignorant comment really made me laugh. to make things even better, hardly anyone has been this successful with a KA24 engine up to this day, so 500hp on such an engine is a great achievement.

posted by  Inygknok

Seriously.. man, your obtuse. KA24 this and that.. saw a bluebird with a KA24 on the dyno yesterday.. 126 fhp. bwahahahahahah that's a joke :)

As for the tuning world... Yes DSMer lame yankie tuning.. Yep. Come to Brisbane for APC dyno shoot next week.. There's a few sr20s, 4agze, Evos & wrx motors pumping out around 500hp @ fly :) one of them pumps out 750 hp @ all 4 wheels, Another 600hp. But yes, thats NOT in DSMer lame Yankie world of Tuning. Which is the BE ALL and END ALL of tuning..

posted by  57ock

Oh damnnn sorry, thats right... I forgot DSLAMER.. 2ltr are crap for drag racing..

posted by  57ock

So a SR20 puts 500 to the wheels? Wow! I never said it was'nt possible, so whats your point? I've seen steam engines with 1200BHP and gasoline burns. So what? How many of the 500HP SR20's belongs to you? How many of those acclaimed cars on the cover of that brochure are personally built or driven by you? Or are you just another person in the crowd drooling over someone elses accomplishments only hoping and wishing you could do the same? My vote goes with that one.

Anyone with the right ammount of money can make practically any engine do what they want to. So wheres your argument? Oh I have $60,000 I can build a super 2.0L drag racer? Well so can anyone else with the ability to order and pay people to install the parts.

Nonsense, I would'nt be part of a 1.8L DSM community if I believed in such crap. Our engines have a lower displacement and members of the DSM community would kill any and every one of those 240's with KA's and or SR20's. So I think your broad assumption of me not liking lower displacement drag races wasn't very well thought out...

posted by  DSMer

I might come along, to see what that girl looks like front on. I like promo babes :mrgreen: At Underwood? I don't suppose they have an engine dyno I can test one of my motors on for free? :wink2:

posted by  Wally

the sr20 motor is probly the best four cyclinder motor out there i mean why else would they do an motor swap to a 350z taking out its v6 and putting a sr20 in it.

posted by  mazdas_rule

Correction the 4G63T is the best four cylinder engine. I could really care less as to the ranking placement of the SR20 as thats irrelivant. We all know its a great motor. I'm simply saying that if I have the adequate funds and a 240SX I'd be able to beat most SR20 240's comparably equipped in a drag race.

posted by  DSMer

True the 4g63 has a strong internal and can handle HUGE boost right DSMer?

posted by  CarEXPERT


posted by  DSMer

well im bring this back right quick and i need to lay down some auto-law :thumbs: :

1) Thinking that because a someone made VERY high hp out of a motor makes it the best thing since the wankel (sorry! had to get that in there :mrgreen: ) The fact is anyone can get any amount of HP out of anything. hell, with the right amount of cash, you can gave a lawnmower block made out of special alloys, be balanced and cleared, run at some insane PSI and have nitrious oxide used just for the hell of it and make 400hp.

2)The SR20 is a good motor, so is the KA24. Honestly, they arent that far apart in weight and i have seen KA powered 240's run amazingly at the track. You can easily offset the effects of an iron block with suspension tuning and proper corner weight management.

3)The SR20 that you get for 3K is not going to be "250hp" try more like 180 whp. Yeah, thats right 180. "well you can get that to an easy 300!" yes, but that means more money on a motor that could have been left alone. THink about it this way. its a 2.0L turbo. what else has been a 2.0L turbo? well the 1.8T GTI is close and makes more power. The Porches 944 uses both the 2.5T and the uber rare 3.0T (four cyclinder), and has crazy power potenial as well. why not use that motor instead? hell you can get the entire 944 for the cost of a SR20 front clip and have a le mans winning car with ass loads of prestige! Has the SR20 won a le mans. no. granted neither has the KA so really that is a mood point.

4)Why are you people comparing a n/a motor to that of a turbo in factory trim? The sr will have the immediate advantage. no car will forced induction makes less than 180 hp unless the makers suck. So try comparing the Sr20 and Ka24 with the same turbo, intercooler, piping length, fuel grade, ambient temperature, tire, dyno, compression ratio, valve duration, timing, menstrual cycle and get an avergage of everything above. hell even use the same oil with the same mileage use with blocks of the same mileage with a break in process identical to one another. That would be the only way to have a fair comparision. And unless someone REALLY has no life, that wont happen.

Now my friend has just completed a sr20 swap into his 89 240. that ran him somewhere in the range of 7k with slightly better turbo and a FMIC. Seeing winter is still on, well see what the times he runs are. i myself am going to take up a KA project using the same 89 240 chassis. Well see what times i turn for cost and how i run at the midohio road course. In the mean time, my TII rx7 will walk him :mrgreen: 400hp what? less than 4k spent including car? what? sorry again, my rotary ploys.

But the reason i am certain i can get more power from the KA than the SR is that i know what i am doing and am performing a custom install on the car. i am going to matcht the compressor and turbine for my appliaction choice (mid to high power) and work from there choosing the best cams profile and gearing.

SO i guess it comes down to what you want and want to do.The sr20 is going to be a hassle to replace little ass stocker parts that you cna no longer get from the junkyard or the dealer or NAPA. hell you will be lucky to get it from ebay. THe aftermarker is better on the SR but i have never liked parts developers who make random parts. i prefer desgin everything to work in conjunction so i wont mind a small margin of aftermarket support on the KA. hell if what i make works well, ill start selling it!

Well that is my thoughts and that. my fingers hurt from typing all that in 5 minutes.....

posted by  Low Impedance

i have never head of a XR48ROS21-GT where can i get some info on it?

posted by  theotherguy111

You brang this thread up again why?

posted by  GreekWarrior

cause he's a faggot JDM webjockey.

posted by  MakotoS13

listening to you guys run your mouths is so funny. SR this and SR that yea sure the SR is a good motor but at the end of the day i still walk away from them w/ my KA-t. Do the exact same things to a KA as an SR and youl walk an SR all day with the KA. And as far as the KA not bein able to rev high thats crap to. I've seen all motor KAs rev to 8,000. Anyways like i said the SR is a good motor but i'll take my "crappy turbo truck motor" anyday of the week.

posted by  my_ka-t

I have seen every kinda 240 swap anybody can imagine. Although the SR is a remarkable feat of engineering and I am in no way knocking the SR. but for those who say and SR is better than the KA24det hasn't thought about the fact that a KA is a truck motor that is meant to be thrashed. the iron block only mean it can handle more boost. I am just staing that both are good in thier own way. I guess it all comes down to money. SR swap is about 2600 if you do the work yourself. but to turbo a KA ia under 1000. I have a KA and I don't know what I want to do yet because both are stilll good. Hell either way its a Nissan. Can;t we all just get alone? hahaha oh yea who got that pic of the chick with the tiggos?

posted by  goku240sx

I love both engines, they have their own advantages and disadvantages...
but i would go for the SR since the engine came with da turbo right out of the factory. lol...i guess i am biased against aftermarket turbos. for the turbo-ing a KA thing, its cheaper to put a turbo on the KA...but i wonder how much it would cost to tune the KA to the point where it can pump out equivalent power as a stock SR.

posted by  nissanTFsx

hahahah you guys r so stupid........ a ka-t is a ka with bolt on turbo, upgraded injectors, fuel pump, front intercooler, tune ecu.... n more stuff tats y its faster than a stock sr20 but if u spend all those money to an sr20 than it'll be even faster than tat hahahah so tis is for the ppl who dont understand tat a ka-t should beat a stock sr20 OK HAAHHAH

posted by  risingsuns13

1) Re-read your post...if you can because I sure as hell could not.

2) Check the dates of the previous posts.

Who's the stupid one?

posted by  Nissan_Altima

HAAHHAH you r so stupid.............. most of the ppl who posted in this thread havent been on n more than a year.

posted by  chris_knows

Knobhead. Nuff said.

posted by  Cliffy

I wanna be a retard and answer 2 year old threads just like you!

posted by  newyorker

I have a good question what does the sr20 come out of

posted by  carmaniac22

as far as i've noticed... most people "rocking" sr's tend to be idiots on the road. and ignorant to law enforcement. not all.. but most. so yes the sr is better built and has a hell of alot more power.. for those who are cop prown and want to keep their car.. you should look into ka turbo.

posted by  huntington19

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