How can i legalize a 91 or so skyline in the U.S. ?

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Thanks for the vote of support but.... I think the link 57ock gave about four posts up covers it pretty well. No need for me to type what somebody can click to.

posted by  vwhobo

Only in the last 12 months (there abouts) the emmission laws have changed in Japan.
Skylines producted before the new emission laws are powered by the Rb series motor. Which don't meet the Japanese emission laws. So Nissan has been forced to end production of that motor. The Sr series also had the axe.

RB series motor dates back to the L series motors. Bit of a dinosaur. But a proven reliable power plant.

posted by  57ock

I don't know what the US laws are. But I have heard u can get Skylines in the US. And there are a few webpages that advertise skyline imports for US

posted by  57ock

Can you tell me a few of the things ?? I dont understand y there not legal in the U.S. If i know how thay are not legal i might be able to buy on from a freind. Please help me understand. :?

posted by  muddy4x4man

look up Q&A section

posted by  57ock

ive heard of companys that export skylines with left hand drive conversions for use as street vehicals and the price was refered to in dollers, so im guessing they where going to north america. The only reason i could see them being illegal would be things like emmisions, but japan has stricter emmision laws than NA, so i dont see that being it. Safety would'nt be to big of a factor really. i dont think it would be because of too much horsepower? because its not like theres any domestics put out 300+ stock. I dunno maybe ive gotten it right in my rambling maybe not. just give it a day and vwhobo will prolly answer it lol he allways seems to.

posted by  84_Jetta_GLi

I have no idea about US laws. But in Australia all cars have to be fitted with double impact bars in the doors. Double stitch seat belts. etc.

I know in japan this isn't required. But the Import yards in the US would know what to do.

r33 GTR will sell for around 30,000 USD in Australia. That's after the compliance. V spec 2 will sell for around 40k?
R33 GTSt Type M here go for around 14,000 USD
R32 GTSt for around 8,000 or less USD

One other thing you have to be careful with is the fuel you use. Skylines run fine on 98 octance fuels. But any less can be a problem. In Japan they run 100 octane fuels.

Running 92 Octane fuels may cause engine pinging. Which will destroy your motor.

posted by  57ock

I have looked for info but i can't find it. Might anyone know ?? :oops:

posted by  muddy4x4man

so your tellin me a skyline is illegal thanks to emissons but a ford GR-1 witha fricken 5.6 V10 is llegal

posted by  rstifle3000

Holy crap, it has NOTHING to do with the displacement of the motor... seriously.

Also, way to pick a big motor... the Viper is an 8.3L V10... and it's emissions legal.

The Skyline is not legal for U.S. roads for reasons like lack of bumper cover support (the structure behind the front and rear bumpers), the glass is of a different standard than that required in the U.S.... etc, etc. I did a bunch of research once-upon-a-time, but have forgotten most of the relevant details.

Also, I have never heard of an actual company that will do LHD conversions on a Skyline, to my knowledge the only LHD Nissan Skylines are those imported into Saudi Arabia. A Saudi Arabian company did a LHD conversion on these cars using the dashboard out of some other Nissan (Maxima perhaps?). To my knowledge this company no longer does this conversion.

posted by  Bino

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